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Edited By: Mark Pagell, Brian Fugate, and Barbara Flynn, Co-Editors-in-Chief; Lutz Kaufmann, European Editor; Xiande Zhao, Asian Co-Editor

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A Meta-Analysis of Supply Chain Integration and Firm Performance
Leuschner, R., Rogers, D. S., Charvet, F. F.
Volume 49, Issue 2
April 2013

Why Research in Sustainable Supply Chain Management Should Have No Future
Pagell, M., Shevchenko, A.
Volume 50, Issue 1
January 2014

A Meta-Analysis of Environmentally Sustainable Supply Chain Management Practices and Firm Performance
Golicic, S.L., Smith, C.D.
Volume 49, Issue 2
April 2013

Offshoring and Reshoring: An Update on the Manufacturing Location Decision
Ellram, L.M., Tate, W.L., Petersen, K.J.
Volume 49, Issue 2
April 2013

A Contingent Resource-Based Perspective of Supply Chain Resilience and Robustness
Brandon-Jones, E., Squire, B., Autry, C.W., Petersen, K.J.
Volume 50, Issue 3
July 2014

Power Asymmetry, Adaptation and Collaboration in Dyadic Relationships Involving a Powerful Partner
Nyaga, G.N., Lynch, D.F., Marshall, D., Ambrose, E.
Volume 49, Issue 3
July 2013

Supply Chain Management: It's All About the Journey, Not the Destination
Ellram, L.M., Cooper, M.C.
Volume 50, Issue 1
January 2014

Strengthening the Innovation Chain: The Role of Internal Innovation Climate and Strategic Relationships with Supply Chain Partners
Oke, A., Prajogo, D.I., Jayaram, J.
Volume 49, Issue 4
October 2013

Leveraging Environmental Information Integration to Enable Environmental Management Capability and Performance
Wong, C.W.Y.
Volume 49, Issue 2
April 2013

Toward a Theory of Multi-Tier Supply Chain Management
Mena, C., Humphries, A. Choi, T.Y.
Volume 49, Issue 2
April 2013