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Nurse Practitioners and the Epidemic of Obesity

Published 20 May 2016


Patients’ struggles with obesity are a common and complex problem faced by all primary care providers. Nurse practitioners (NPs) care for obese patients throughout the lifespan and within a variety of practice settings. This collection of research and review articles highlights some of the innovative work done by NPs featured in the Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners over the past year. A variety of research methodologies and several reviews span the ages of childhood to old age and include interventions from behavioral to pharmacologic to surgical. NPs are involved on many fronts in combating the epidemic of obesity and its associated sequelae.

Contextual care of the patient following weight-loss surgery: Relational views and maintenance activities of couples
Christine Aramburu Alegría and Barbara Larsen

Intensive behavioral treatment weight loss program in an adult primary care practice
Paulette J. Thabault , Pamela J. Burke and Philip A. Ades

Development of an instrument to assess nurse practitioner attitudes and beliefs about obesity
Peggy Ward-Smith and Jane A. Peterson

A primary care intervention to improve weight in obese children: A feasibility study
Diane O. Tyler and Sharon D. Horner

Review of pharmacotherapy options for the management of obesity
Rebecca Bragg and Erica Crannage

Systematic review of text messaging as an intervention for adolescent obesity
Sharon R. Keating and Mary K. McCurry

A review of the safety and efficacy of bariatric surgery in adults over the age of 60: 2002–2013
Billy A. Caceres, Dana Moskowitz and Theresa O'Connell

Celebrating an Anniversary: A Decade in Review

Published: 28 May 2010

Edited By: Angela Golden, DNP, FNP-c, FAANP; Mary B. Neiheisel, BSN, MSN, EdD, FNP-BC, CNS-BC, FAANP; Mary C. Smolenski, EdD, MS, FNP, FAANP, CAE and Joellen W. Hawkins, PhD, WHNP-BC, FAAN, FAAP


The Fellowship Program of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) is celebrating its 10th birthday this year during the 25th anniversary of AANP. For many years, leaders within the Association were determined to recognize the many members of AANP who make outstanding contributions to health care and the NP profession. Influential members created, in 2000, the Fellowship program of the AANP that was designed to recognize members involvement in healthcare clinical practice, research, education, and policy. Over the following decade, 222 members' of AANP have been given the distinction and honor of joining the Fellows.

This virtual issue of the journal is a tribute to these leaders and a celebration of their accomplishments. To read the complete editorial introduction to this virtual issue click here

Fellows of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners

Fellows speak

Fellowship in the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
Hicks, R.W., Bray

The academy announces fellowship program
Pierson, C.A.

New beginnings
Pierson, C.A

Health promotion for women with human immunodeficiency virus or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
Abel, E., Hopson, S., & Delville, C.

Health promotion/risk reduction and disease prevention in women's health
Berg, J.A. & Pace, D.T.

Collaboration, continuity, compliance: Two Fellows "share" their experiences
Burnett, B.L. & Tucker, B.A.

Fractured penis
Cole, F.L. & Vogler, R.W.

Promoting nurse practitioner practice through research: Opportunities, challenges, and lessons
Hayes, E.

From the sidelines: Coaching as a nurse practitioner strategy for improving health outcomes
Hayes, E. & Kalmakis

Pediatric systemic lupus erythematosus: Management issues in primary practice
Pongmarutani, T., Alpert, P.T., & Miller, S.K.

Credentialing, certification, and competence: Issues for new and seasoned nurse practitioners
Smolenski, M.C.

Partners for NP education: The 1999 AANP preceptor and faculty survey
Amella, E.J., Brown, L., Resnick, B., & McArthur, D.B.

Antibiotic-prescribing habits of nurse practitioners treating adult patients: Antibiotic use and guidelines survey adult
Goolsby, M.

An evaluation of dementia screening in the primary care setting
Harvan, J.R. & Cotter, V.T.

Hispanic women's experience with "el Cambio de Vida"
Longworth, J.C.D.

Promoting health in older adults: A four-year analysis
Resnick, B.

Mentoring–A complex relationship
Barker, E.R.

What do you mean you want me to teach, do research, engage in service, and clinical practice? Views from the trenches: The novice, the expert
Hawkins, J.W., & Fontenot, H.

Educational options for acute care nurse practitioner practice
Kleinpell, R.M., Perez, D.F., & McLaughlin, R.M.

Speaking with one voice
Counts, M.M.

The nurse practitioner as leader
McArthur, D.B.

The world is our oyster: Celebrating our past and anticipating our future
Resnick, B., Sheer, B., McArthur, D.B., Lynch, J.S., Longworth, J.C.D. & Provencio-Vasques, E.

Nurse practitioner practice in 2012: Meeting the health care needs of tomorrow
Towers, J. Dempster, J., & Counts, M.


Published: 22 Mar 2010

Edited By: Mary Madeline Rogge, PhD, RNCS-BC, FNP, Associate Professor Emily Merrill PhD, RN, FNP-BC, Associate Professor

Introduction: We are pleased to provide a virtual issue of the Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (JAANP) devoted to the subject of obesity. As a result of the National Institutes of Health and the United States Public Health Services efforts to standardize the criteria for diagnosing and treating obesity in adults and children, obesity became a widely recognized health concern in both the popular press and professional literature at the beginning of the 21st Century. Publications in the JAANP focusing on obesity reflected this national trend. Between January 2000 and January 2009, 46 articles about obesity were published in the JAANP, offering a wide range of perspectives on this modern day affliction. The importance of obesity in clinical practice and nursing education has not abated, and we have compiled 15 of these articles in a virtual compendium to facilitate access by readers with an interest in the problem of obesity. The collection of articles highlights milestones in nursing's obesity scholarship over the past 10 years and serves as a guide to the next decade of work needed to improve the care of obese patients. To read the complete editorial introduction to this virtual issue click here.

Central obesity, the metabolic syndrome, and plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 in young adults.
Appel, S. J., Harrell, J. S., Davenport, M. L.

Implications of the biology of weight regulation and obesity on the treatment of obesity.
Bellar, A., Jarosz, P. A., & Bellar, D.

Primary care management of patients following bariatric surgery.
Doolen, J. L., & Miller, S. K.

Exploring the association between body weight, stigma of obesity, and health care avoidance.
Drury, C. A. A., & Louis, M.

Adolescent obesity: Current Trends in identification and management.
Hagarty, A.M., Schmidt, C., Bernaix, L., Clement, J. M.

The paradox of obesity in patients with heart failure.
Hall, J. A., French, T. K., Rasmusson, K. D., Vesty, J. C., Roberts, C. A., Rimmasch, H. L., Kfoury, A. G., & Renlund, D. G.

Effects of lifestyle intervention and metformin on weight management and markers of metabolic syndrome in obese adolescents.
Harden, K. A., Cowan, P. A., Velasquez-Mieyer, P., Patton, S. B.

Overweight and obesity in nurses, advanced practice nurses, and nurse educators.
Miller, S. K., Alpert, P. T., Cross, C. L.

Response to "Use of bioelectrical impedance analysis in the evaluation, treatment, and prevention of overweight and obesity."
Ricciardi, R.

Use of bioelectrical impedance analysis in the evaluation, treatment, and prevention of overweight and obesity.
Ricciardi, R., & Talbot, L. A.

Integrating the transtheoretical model into the management of overweight and obese adults.
Seals, J. G.

Adult weight management: Translating research and guidelines into practice.
Shay, Laura E.; Shobert, Jennifer L.; Seibert, Diane; Thomas, Lauren E.

The relationship between body mass index/body composition and survival in patients with heart failure.
Shelby, S., Davis, L. L., & Carlson, B. W.

A collaborative approach to wellness: Diet, exercise, and education to impact behavior change.
Turner, S. L., Thomas, A. M., Wagner, P. J., Moseley, G. C.

Pediatric overweight or obesity: Does the label really matter?
Waldrop, J., & Ferguson, L.A.