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Edited By: Marcel Weber and Philipp Blum

Online ISSN: 1746-8361

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Key Articles from dialectica

dialectica virtual issue

In this exciting virtual issue, the editorial team has selected some recent articles to showcase content from dialectica that particularly reflects the journal’s relevance to a US audience. These articles are representative of the many domains in which dialectica publishes, from ontology to epistemology and philosophy of mind or the theory of rationality.

We are confident that you will find this virtual issue interesting and informative.

Recent Highlights from dialectica

A Tale of Two Vectors
Marc Lange

Relation-Based Thought, Objectivity and Disagreement
Christopher Peacocke

De re and De se
Francoise Recanati

Reasons to Believe and Assertion
Paolo Casalegno

There is No Puzzle about Change
Pablo Rychter

Defending Contingentism in Metaphysics
Kristie Miller

Ontological Priority, Fundamentality and Monism
Matteo Morganti

The A-Theory of Time, The B-Theory of Time, and 'Taking Tense Seriously'
Dean W. Zimmerman

European Society for Analytic Philosophy

The main aim of the European Society for Analytic Philosophy (ESAP) is to try and bring together, at a European level, the different national groups of analytic philosophers in the hope that these will lead to new contacts and collaboration.

ESAP organises the European Congresses of Analytic Philosophy (ECAP) on a regular basis, allowing European analytic philosophers to meet and come to know each other, issues a newsletter and other publications of general interest; and facilitates the organisation of European conferences and workshops on specific subjects within analytic philosophy.

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dialectica News

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dialectica news

For its 2014 essay prize (1000 GBP), dialectica invites submissions on explanation in science and philosophy, from a variety of perspectives and in particular papers comparing and contrasting different approaches, as well as original proposals about how to understand this difficult notion. To submit your paper, please send it in a format suitable for blind refereeing to philipp.blum@philosophie.ch before the end of November 2014.

We're delighted to announce that Fabrice Correia (Neuchâtel) will give the 2014 dialectica lecture at the ECAP in Bucharest, on Sunday August 31st, 16.30-18 (Aula Magna). It will be followed by a drinks reception.

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The full bibliography of articles published in dialectica since 1947 is available here.

dialectica prides itself on its quick turnaround time, averaging 102 days from article submission to decision in 2013.

View submission statistics, including acceptance rates and countries of submission for dialectica from 2000-2013 here.

dialectica podcast

In 2011, dialectica held its 2011 annual lecture at the American Philosophical Association Eastern Division conference.

The lecture was given by Kit Fine, who is arguably the most important living philosopher, on the topic of 'Truth Making'. A podcast of Kit Fine's lecture is available for free below:

Special Issues

Special Issues from dialectica

The Philosophy of Herbert Hochberg (68,2), edited by Fraser MacBride

Paolo Casalegno’s Good Points, edited by Elisa Paganini

edited by Anne Meylan

Papers from the GAP 7, edited by Thomas Spitzley
Concepts, edited by Elisabetta Lalumera

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