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Edited By: Marcel Weber and Philipp Blum

Online ISSN: 1746-8361

Essay Prize

***2015: "The Varieties of Modality"***
For its 2015 essay prize (500 GBP), dialectica invites submissions on the nature, epistemology, logic and semantics of modality in any of its multifarious guises: metaphysical, epistemic, nomic, deontic, conceptual, etc. We are particularly interested in submissions that explore interesting interactions between modal notions of different kinds, or that develop original proposals about how to understand some specific variety. To submit your paper, please send it in a format suitable for blind refereeing to philipp.blum@philosophie.ch before the end of the year 2015.

2014: explanation in science and philosophy
dialectica is very proud to announce that we have awarded our 2014 essay prize (1000 GBP) to Marc Lange, for his paper "Explanation, Existence, and Natural Properties in Mathematics – A Case Study: Desargues' Theorem" which will be published in 4/2015. Congratulations Marc!

2013: social ontology

After careful consideration, the editors chose not to award a prize in 2013.

2012: cognitive penetration

The dialectica 2012 essay prize was awarded to Dustin Stokes, University of Utah, for his paper, 'Cognitive penetration and the perception of art.'