Cover image for Vol. 70 Issue 2

Edited By: Marcel Weber and Philipp Blum

Online ISSN: 1746-8361


The following list of articles have been selected by the Editorial Board as some highlights from the journal. Please click on the articles below to read for free:

By Rudolf Carnap:
Beobachtungssprache Und Theoretische Sprache

By Paolo Casalegno:
The Referential and the Logical Component in Fodor's Semantics
Logical Concepts and Logical Inferences
Reasons to Believe and Assertion

By Roderick M Chisholm:
What is the Problem of Objective Reference?
Verstehen: The Epistemological Question

By Donald Davidson:
Laws and cause
Epistemology externalized
Rational Animals
Reality Without Reference
Radical Interpretation

By Albert Einstein:
Quanten-Mechanik Und Wirklichkeit

By Dagfinn Follesdal:
Indeterminacy of Translation and Under-Determination of the Theory of Nature
The Status of Rationality Assumptions in Interpretation and in the Explanation of Action

By Kurt Gödel:
Über eine bisher noch nicht benützte Erweiterung des finiten Standpunktes

By Jaakko Hintikka:
Quantifiers vs. Quantification Theory
Overcoming “Overcoming Metaphysics Through Logical Analysis of Language” Through Logical Analysis of Language

By Ruth Barcan Marcus:
Is there Irrationality in the Existence of a Plurality of Philosophical Theories
The Anti-Naturalism of Some Language Centered Accounts of Belief

By John McDowell:
Mathematical Platonism and Dummettian Anti-Realism

By Hilary Putnam:
Quantum Logic, Conditional Probability, and Interference
Truth and Convention: On Davidson's Refutation of Conceptual Relativism

By W.V. Quine:
Naturalism; Or, Living Within One's Means
Immanence and Validity

By Paul Ricoeur:
Irrationality and the Plurality of Philosophical Systems

By Richard Rorty:
De l'épistémologie à l'herméneutique

By John Searle:
Intentionality and Its Place in Nature

By Crispin Wright:
Intuition, Entitlement and the Epistemology of Logical Laws

By Timothy Williamson:
Philosphical ‘Intuitions’ and Scepticism about Judgement
Truthmakers and the Converse Barcan Formula