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Identification of Nucleoside Analogs as Inducers of Neuronal Differentiation in a Human Reporter Cell Line and Adult Stem Cells

Katharina Raasch, Edith Malecki, Maria Siemann, Malayko M. Martinez, Jürgen J. Heinisch, Janine Müller, Lidia Bakota, Christian Kaltschmidt, Barbara Kaltschmidt, Helmut Rosemeyer and Roland Brandt


Nucleoside analogues (NSAs) were among the first chemotherapeutic agents and could also be useful for manipulation of cell fate. For screening of NSAs that influence neuronal differentiation, we developed a novel phenotypic assay based on a human neuron-committed teratocarcinoma cell line (NT2) as a model for neuronal progenitors. In a small scale screen we tested a panel of structurally related NSAs and report that NSAs with highest activity carried a halogen substituent at their pyrimidine nucleobase and an unmodified or 2′-O-methyl substituted 2-deoxy-β-D-ribofuranosyl residue as glyconic moiety.

This issue’s Editor’s Choice was chosen by David Selwood

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