Soil Science & Plant Nutrition

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Edited By: Toru Matoh, Shinya Funakawa, and Masanori Saito

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Soil and humanity: Culture, civilization, livelihood and health
Katsuyuki MINAMI

Phosphite (phosphorous acid): Fungicide, fertilizer or bio-stimulator?
Hoang Thi Bich THAO, Takeo YAMAKAWA

Characteristics and issues related to regional-scale modeling of nitrogen flows
Sonoko D. KIMURA, Ryusuke HATANO, Masanori OKAZAKI

Nature of the 'occluded' low-density fraction in soil organic matter studies: A critical review
Rota WAGAI, Lawrence M. MAYER, Kanehiro KITAYAMA

Ecology of viruses in soils: Past, present and future perspectives
Makoto KIMURA, Zhong-Jun JIA, Natsuko NAKAYAMA, Susumu ASAKAWA

Various players in the nitrogen cycle: Diversity and functions of the microorganisms involved in nitrification and denitrification
Masahito HAYATSU, Kanako TAGO, Masanori SAITO

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