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Edited By: F.A. Fisken (Managing Editor) with Editors: D. Field, C. Lees, K. Leus, R. E. Miller, K. Pullen and A. Rübel

Online ISSN: 1748-1090

Associated Title(s): Animal Conservation, Journal of Zoology, Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation

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Virtual Issue Celebrating 50 Volumes of International Zoo Yearbook

International Zoo Yearbook 50th Volume

An international forum for the exchange of information on the role of zoological institutions in the conservation of biodiversity … in 50 volumes International Zoo Yearbook 50 Volumes In 1960, in the Introduction to Volume 1 of the International Zoo Yearbook (IZY), Sir Solly Zuckerman stated that ‘... every zoo should be able to share in [...] accumulated knowledge and the relevant details of all new research and development should be readily available’. Thus, IZY was born and 50 volumes later it is still providing a forum for conservation professionals. Read more.

Image: Bear removing egg from pitfall feeder. Rosanne Strachan Law. Law, G. & Reid, A. (2010): Enriching the lives of bears in zoos. International Zoo Yearbook 44: 65–74.

Read the Virtual Issue celebrating 50 Volumes of International Zoo Yearbook.

International Zoo Yearbook News

Volume 50 - ReviewVolume 50 - Future Perspectives in Conservation Education (2016)
This volume has been published online and in print version. Read a review by Karen Tingley, Director of Education, Zoos and Aquarium, Wildlife Conservation Society, Bronx, NY.


Law and KitchenerThe article "Environmental enrichment for Killer whales Orcinus orca at zoological institutions: untried and untested" has been featured on and Live Science.


Volume 49 ReviewVolume 49 - Reptile Conservation (2015)
This volume has been published online and in print version. Read a review by Donal Boyer, Curator of Herpetology, Wildlife Conservation Society.


Eric MillerIZY Editor's Article of Choice - commentary available!
Read the Editor’s commentary about the changing roles of zoos and aquariums in conservation: by Eric Miller, who compares and contrasts veterinary articles published in Volume 10 (1970) of the Yearbook (e.g. Drug immobilization of the Carnivora and Use of a walking cast on a third metatarsal fracture in a zebra Equus grevyi) with those published in Volume 41 (2007) (e.g. The role of zoos in biosurveillance and Tools and techniques for disease risk assessment in threatened wildlife conservation programmes).

Read the Commentary

Alex RubelIZY Editor's Article of Choice
Read the Editor's commentary on an inspirational paper from Volume 38 of the International Zoo Yearbook: by Alex Rübel (Director, Zoo Zürich, Switzerland) about the article by Michael Hutchins and Brandie Smith on 'Characteristics of a world-class zoo or aquarium in the 21st century'.

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International Zoo YearbookIZY Editorial Board Member's Article of Choice
Read the Editorial Board Member's commentary on inspirational papers from Volume 24/25 of the International Zoo Yearbook: by Lena M. Lindén (CEO Nordens Ark, Sweden) on the articles 'Studbooks: the basis of breeding programmes' by Angela Glatston, ‘The reintroduction of the Arabian oryx Oryx leucoryx into Oman’ by Mark Stanley Price and ‘The practical difficulties and financial implications of endangered species breeding programmes’ by Bill Conway.

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Volume 50: Future Perspectives in Conservation Education

Latest Issue

Latest Volume
Volume 50:
Future Perspectives in Conservation Education

Guest Editor: Sarah Thomas, Head of Discovery and Learning, Zoological Society of London, Regent’s Park, London NW1 4RY, UK

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

In parallel with the changing face of zoos and conservation during the last few decades, the ways zoos and aquariums educate, engage and inspire their audiences has radically changed. As we pass the middle of the Decade of Biodiversity and we can see the 2020 milestone on the horizon, this volume of International Zoo Yearbook is timely not only to reflect and celebrate current programmes, but also to provide the opportunity to shape the agenda for future priorities and perspectives that support maximum conservation-education impact.

In line with this focus, International Zoo Yearbook draws together papers that represent a global view of evidence-based research projects, case studies and reviews of the changing perspective of conservation education. The overarching theme – Future Perspectives in Conservation Education – reflects the forward-thinking approach to the subject matter. Read more.

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All volumes of this journal (back to Volume 1 from 1960) are now available online. Go online to browse contents and abstracts. For further information on how to access these articles please visit our Librarian Site


Volume 44 Bears and CanidsRead the fully digitized backfiles from the Zoological Society of London. View seminal works from early explorers and zoologists and follow developments through to modern day zoological science. Notable contributors include Huxley, Owen, Wallace, Gray, Johnston, Blyth, Bell and Tickell. The Proceedings and Transactions also include colour plates from wildlife artists John Gould, Joseph Wolf and Edward Lear.

Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London: 1830 - 1965

Transactions of the Zoological Society of London: 1833 - 1984

Journal of Zoology: 1965, Vol 146 issue 1 to date

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