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Essential role of transient receptor potential vanilloid type 1 in evodiamine-mediated protection against atherosclerosis
J. Wei, L.-C. Ching, J.-F. Zhao, S.-K. Shyue, H.-F. Lee, Y. R. Kou, and T.-S. Lee
Volume 207, Issue 2

Neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin: pathophysiology and clinical applications
E. Singer, L. Markó, N. Paragas, J. Barasch, D. Dragun, D. N. Müller, K. Budde and K. M. Schmidt-Ott
Volume 207, Issue 4

Vaspin prevents methylglyoxal-induced apoptosis in human vascular endothelial cells by inhibiting reactive oxygen species generation
S. Phalitakul, M. Okada, Y. Hara and H. Yamawaki
Volume 209, Issue 3

Arginase inhibition improves coronary microvascular function and reduces infarct size following ischaemiareperfusion in a rat model
J. Grönros, A. Kiss, M. Palmér, C. Jung, D. Berkowitz and J. Pernow
Volume 208, Issue 2

Physical activity opposes the age-related increase in skeletal muscle and plasma endothelin-1 levels and normalizes plasma endothelin-1 levels in individuals with essential hypertension
M. Nyberg1, S. P. Mortensen and Y. Hellsten
Volume 207, Issue 3

Organization of the neural switching circuitry underlying reflex micturition
W. C. de Groat and C. Wickens
Volume 207, Issue 1

Sleep, its regulation and possible mechanisms of sleep disturbances
T. Porkka-Heiskanen, K.-M. Zitting and H.-K. Wigren
Volume 208, Issue 4

Pathophysiology of hypertension in pre-eclampsia: a lesson in integrative physiology
A. C. Palei, F. T. Spradley, J. P. Warrington, E. M. George and J. P. Granger
Volume 208, Issue 3

Renal pericytes: regulators of medullary blood flow
T. M. Kennedy-Lydon, C. Crawford, S. S. P. Wildman and C. M. Peppiatt-Wildman
Volume 208, Issue 7

Alteration in TRPV1 and Muscarinic (M3) receptor expression and function in idiopathic overactive bladder urothelial cells
L. A. Birder, A. S. Wolf-Johnston, Y. Sun and T. C. Chai
Volume 207, Issue 1