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Edited By: Yeon Jae Bae

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Read these highly downloaded papers published in 2012

Anthropo-entomophagy: Cultures, evolution and sustainability
Julieta Ramos-Elorduy

Edible insects: Traditional knowledge or western phobia?
Alan L. Yen

RNAi-based functional genomics in Tribolium castaneum and possible application for controlling insect pests
Mi Young Noh, Richard W. Beeman, Yasuyuki Arakane

Research and utilization of medicinal insects in China
Ying Feng, Min Zhao, Zhao He, Zhiyong Chen, Long Sun

Isolation and analysis of natural compounds from silkworm pupae and effect of its extracts on alcohol detoxification
Mu-Gil Kwon, Deuk-Su Kim, Jung-Hwan Lee, Sang-Won Park, Young-Kug Choo, Yeon-Su Han, Joo-Sung Kim, Kyung-A Hwang, Kinarm Ko, Kisung Ko