Clinical Otolaryngology

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Aural toilet in infants: how we do it
J. Doshi, C. Coulson, J. Williams and M. Kuo

A controlled clinical trial of a therapeutic bacteriophage preparation in chronic otitis due to antibiotic-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa; a preliminary report of efficacy
A. Wright, C.H. Hawkins, E.E. Änggård and D.R. Harper

A 2013 updated systematic review & meta-analysis of 36 randomized controlled trials; no apparent effects of non steroidal anti-inflammatory agents on the risk of bleeding after tonsillectomy
Riggin L., Ramakrishna J., Sommer D.D and Koren G.

Systematic review of the limited evidence base for treatments of Eustachian tube dysfunction: a health technology assessment
G. Norman, A. Llewellyn M. Harden, A. Coatesworth, D. Kimberling, A. Schilder and C. McDaid

A randomised sham-controlled trial to assess the long-term effect of the Epley manoeuvre for treatment of posterior canal benign paroxysmal positional vertigo
Tj.D. Bruintjes, J. Companjen, H.J. van der Zaag-Loonen and P.P.G. van Benthem

Towards better patient safety: WHO Surgical Safety Checklist in otorhinolaryngology
P. Helmiö, K. Blomgren, A. Takala, S.-L. Pauniaho, R.S.K. Takala and T.S. Ikonen

Complications following gastrostomy tube insertion in patients with head and neck cancer: a prospective multi-institution study, systematic review and meta-analysis
D.G. Grant, P.T. Bradley, D.D. Pothier, D. Bailey, S. Caldera, D.L. Baldwin and M.A. Birchall

A patient with dry mouth
R.J. Glore, K. Spiteri-Staines and V. Paleri

Intranasal contact points as a cause of facial pain or headache: a systematic review
L. Harrison and N.S. Jones

Endoscopic versus microscopic trans-sphenoidal pituitary surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis
J.K. Goudakos, K.D. Markou and C. Georgalas