Clinical Otolaryngology

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A new challenge: the deaf-wannabe
S. Davey and J. Phillips

A 2013 updated systematic review & meta-analysis of 36 randomized controlled trials; no apparent effects of non steroidal anti-inflammatory agents on the risk of bleeding after tonsillectomy
L. Riggin, J. Ramakrishna, D.D Sommer and G. Koren

Intranasal contact points as a cause of facial pain or headache: a systematic review
L. Harrison and N.S. Jones

The ‘endoscope-i’: a mobile solution for endoscopy in otolaryngology
A. George, M. Prince, C. Coulson

Outcome and toxicity of radiotherapy combined with chemotherapy or cetuximab for head and neck cancer: Our experience in one hundred and twenty-five patients
Y.J. Beijer, M. Koopman, C.H.J. Terhaard, W.W. Braunius, R.J.J. van Es and A. de Graeff

Role of dietetics, psychology, dentistry and physiotherapy in head and neck cancer treatment: the evidence
A.K. Robson and V. Paleri

Acoustic rhinometry, rhinomanometry and visual analogue scale before and after septal surgery: a prospective 10-year follow-up
L.E. Haavisto and J.I. Sipilä

Antibiotics for otitis media with effusion in children
M. Daniel

Challenging the use of the absolute lymphocyte count in the diagnosis of infectious mononucleosis by analysis of a large cohort of monospot test results
Lennon P., Fenton J.E., O'Neill J.P. and O'Dwyer T.P.

Up-to-date expert opinion referencing the best evidence available on intraoperative cerebrospinal fluid leak during endoscopic sinus surgery
H.A. Reefy and C. Hopkins