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The bone-anchored hearing aid in the rehabilitation of single-sided deafness: experience with 58 patients
T.P.C. Martin et al.
Volume: 35 Issue: 4

Towards better patient safety: WHO Surgical Safety Checklist in otorhinolaryngology
P. Helmiö et al.
Volume: 36 Issue: 3

Endoscopic versus microscopic trans-sphenoidal pituitary surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis e
Goudakos et al.
Volume: 36 Issue: 3

Tracheobronchial foreign body aspiration in children: how reliable are clinical and radiological signs in the diagnosis?
Orji & Akpeh
Volume: 35 Issue: 6

Systematic reviews of the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of multi-channel unilateral cochlear implants for adults
Bond et al.
Volume: 35 Issue: 6

Treatment and prognostic factors of papillary thyroid microcarcinoma
Giordano et al.
Volume: 35 Issue: 2

Analysis of vestibular schwannoma size in multiple dimensions: a comparative cohort study of different measurement techniques
Varughese et al.
Volume: 35 Issue: 2

A randomised controlled trial comparing spontaneous healing, gelfoam patching and edge-approximation plus gelfoam patching in traumatic tympanic membrane perforation with inverted or everted edges
Lou & He
Volume: 36 Issue: 3

Global Osteitis Scoring Scale and chronic rhinosinusitis: a marker of revision surgery
Georgalas et al.
Volume: 35 Issue: 6

Quality of life and functional outcomes in the management of early glottic carcinoma: a systematic review of studies comparing radiotherapy and transoral laser microsurgery
Spielmannet al.
Volume: 35 Issue: 5