Language and Linguistics Compass

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Edited By: Edwin Battistella and Natalie Schilling

Online ISSN: 1749-818X

Computational & Mathematical

Edited by Roxanna Girju and Thierry Poibeau

Volume 11 (2017)

Language change and network games
Roland Mühlenbernd and Jason Quinley

Volume 10 (2016)

Statistical methods for linguistic research: Foundational Ideas—Part II
Bruno Nicenboim and Shravan Vasishth

Multilingual coreference resolution
Sandra Kübler and Desislava Zhekova

Language as Sensor in Human-Centered Computing: Clinical Contexts as Use Cases
Cecilia Ovesdotter Alm

Grounding Distributional Semantics in the Visual World
Marco Baroni

A Pedagogical Model for Computational Linguistics across Curricular Boundaries
Cecilia Ovesdotter Alm, Kathryn Womack, Anne Haake and Timothy Engström

Statistical Methods for Linguistic Research: Foundational Ideas – Part I
Shravan Vasishth and Bruno Nicenboim

Volume 9 (2015)

Detection of Annotation Errors in Corpora
Markus Dickinson

A Gentle Introduction to Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing: How to Start in 16 Practical Steps
Barbora Hladka and Martin Holub

Volume 8 (2014)

Better Surface Realization through Psycholinguistics
Rajakrishnan Rajkumar and Michael White

Computational Approaches to the Pragmatics Problem
Chris Cummins and Jan P. de Ruiter
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Context-Sensitive Natural Language Generation: From Knowledge-Driven to Data-Driven Techniques
Nina Dethlefs

Right Node Raising
Joseph Sabbagh

Volume 7 (2013)

Perspectives on Language as a Source of Social Markers
Gareth Roberts

Composition in Distributional Semantics
Marco Baroni

Experimental Methods for Linguists
Sudha Arunachalam

Linear Context-Free Rewriting Systems
Laura Kallmeyer

Volume 6 (2012)

Vector Space Models of Word Meaning and Phrase Meaning: A Survey
Katrin Erk

Resource-Light Approaches to Computational Morphology Part 1: Monolingual Approaches
Jirka Hana and Anna Feldman

Experimental Semiotics
Bruno Galantucci, Simon Garrod and Gareth Roberts

The Role of Affect in the Computational Modeling of Natural Language
Cecilia Ovesdotter Alm

Volume 5 (2011)

A Survey of Computational Semantics: Representation, Inference and Knowledge in Wide-Coverage Text Understanding
Johan Bos

On the Role of Translations in State-of-the-Art Statistical Machine Translation
Andy Way and Mary Hearne

Statistical Machine Translation: A Guide for Linguists and Translators
Mary Hearne and Andy Way

Computational Aspects of Lexical Functional Grammar
Martin Forst

The Prehistory and Internal Relationships of Australian Languages
Patrick McConvell and Claire Bowern

Volume 4 (2010)

Expert-Built and Collaboratively Constructed Lexical Semantic Resources
Iryna Gurevych and Elisabeth Wolf

Natural Language Processing for Cultural Heritage Domains
Caroline Sporleder

Situating Spatial Language and the Role of Ontology: Issues and Outlook
John Bateman

Dependency Parsing
Joakim Nivre

Volume 3 (2009)

What is Corpus Linguistics?
Stefan Th. Gries

GF: A Multilingual Grammar Formalism
Aarne Ranta

Temporal Annotation and Representation
Marc Verhagen and Jessica L. Moszkowicz

Word Sense Disambiguation: An Overview
Diana McCarthy

Data-Driven Dialectology
John Nerbonne

Volume 2 (2008)

Applications of Game Theory in Linguistics
Gerhard Jaeger

Treebank-Based Probabilistic Phrase Structure Parsing
Aoife Cahill