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Edited By: E. Allen Foegeding

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2014 Virtual Issue

A Tribute to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Food Technology Program

This year, the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) celebrates its 75th anniversary at the Annual Meeting and Food Expo in New Orleans on June 21-24, 2014. As a part of this celebration, E. Allen Foegeding, Editor-in-Chief of IFT Scientific Journals, charged all Scientific Editors to describe how their area has advanced over the past 75 years, along with the challenges and opportunities presented for the future. While working on the editorial, our review of over 500 issues of the Journal of Food Science (JFS) reveals that scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) contributed significantly to Food Technology research from the early 1930s to the late 1980s, while the contribution of MIT graduates expands beyond these years. Samuel Cate Prescott, founder of Food Research (predecessor of JFS) and the first president of IFT, was a prominent food scientist at MIT. These and other MIT contributions to Food Science and Technology sparked the idea for a tribute to the MIT Food Technology program, which could come at no better time than the 75th anniversary celebration. Later, Allen Foegeding and Amanda Ferguson, Associate Director of IFT Scientific Journals, and I decided to assemble this ‘MIT Virtual Issue of JFS,’ highlighting food technology research at MIT from a historical perspective.

Many of today’s food technologists may not be aware that MIT had a Food Technology program. Therefore, we invited Aaron Brody and Ted Labuza, graduates of that major, to write about their program from a historical perspective. They kindly contributed an introductory article as a ‘Letter to the Editor’ for the virtual issue. This virtual issue also presents a comprehensive bibliography of JFS papers by MIT scientists since 1936, gleaned from the JFS online archive with the keyword ‘Massachusetts Institute of Technology.’ The papers are listed chronologically. Several key articles are included in this virtual issue. Many are not available on the Web of Science, so it is our hope that this issue provides a treat for readers. We would like to acknowledge Amanda Ferguson for her assistance in compiling the ‘MIT Virtual Issue of JFS’.
- Shyam S. Sablani, Ph.D.
Scientific Editor, JFS Food Engineering and Physical Properties; and Nanoscale Food Science, Engineering and Technology

I would like to thank Professor Sablani for noting the seminal contributions of scientists from MIT and his efforts in producing this special issue. It should be mentioned that neither Professor Sablani nor I have a degree from MIT, so this is not a matter of alumni pride. Moreover, this presentation of work from MIT should not be considered a slight to the many contributions from other Food Science programs in the United States and internationally. The progress in Food Science over the past 75 years is due to countless hours or work from industrial, government, and academic scientists. I hope my fellow Food Scientists enjoy following this path of discovery.
- E. Allen Foegeding, Ph.D.
Editor in Chief, IFT Scientific Journals

MIT Food Technology: The Major Driver for Food Technology for Fifty Years

Bibliography of 180 Papers Contributed by the Scientists and Engineers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Published in Journal of Food Science (formerly known as Food Research) from 1937 to 1990 (PDF)

Launch of IFT Annual Meeting

Purpose of the food technology conference
Samuel Cate Prescott

Thermal and Ionizing Radiation Processing

Effect of supervoltage cathode rays on bacterial flora of spices and other dry food materials
Proctor BE, Goldblith SA, Fram H

Relative bactericidal efficiencies of three types of high-energy ionizing radiations
Goldblith SA, Proctor BE, Davison S, Kan B, Bates CJ, Oberle EM, Karel M, Lang DA

Use of high-voltage cathode rays to destroy bacteria of the Salmonella group in whole egg solids, egg yolk solids, and frozen egg yolk
Brogle RC, Nickerson JTR, Proctor BE, Pyne A, Campbell C, Charm C

Heat transfer coefficients in straight tubes for pseudoplastic food materials in streamline flow
Charm SE, Merrill EW

Optimal retort temperature profile in optimizing thiamin retention in conduction-type heating of canned foods
Saguy I, Karel M

Studies on salting and drying fish. I. Equilibrium considerations in salting
Valle FRD, Nickerson JTR

Studies on salting and drying fish. II. Dynamic aspects of the salting of fish
Valle FRD, Nickerson JTR

Salting and drying fish. 3. Diffusion of water
Valle FRD, Nickerson JTR

Water Activity and Chemical Reactions
Autoxidation of methyl linoleate in freeze-dried model systems. I. Effect of water on the autocatalyzed oxidation
Maloney JF, Labuza TP, Wallace DH, Karel M

Autoxidation of methyl linoleate in freeze-dried model systems. II. Effect of water on cobalt-catalyzed oxidation
Labuza TP, Maloney JF, Karel M

Autoxidation of methyl linoleate freeze-dried model. III. Effect of added amino acids
Karel M, Tannenbaum SR, Wallace DH, Maloney H

Stability of intermediate moisture foods. 1. Lipid oxidation
Labuza TP, McNally L, Gallagher D, Hawkes J, Hurtado F

Water activity determination: A collaborative study of different methods
Labuza TP, Acott K, Tatini SR, Lee RY, Flink J, McCall W

Physical Properties
Viscometry of non-Newtonian food materials
Charm S

The direct determination of shear stress-shear rate behavior of foods in the presence of a yield stress
Charm SE

Dielectric properties of potatoes and potato chips
Pace WE, Westphal WB, Goldblith SA, Dyke DV

Prediction of dielectric properties in oil-water and alcohol-water mixtures at 3,000 MHz, 25 °C based on pure component properties
Mudgett RE, Wang DIC, Goldblith SA

Microstructure and mechanical properties of single cell protein curd
Tsintsadze TD, Lee CH, Rha C

Rheological properties and spinnability of single-cell protein/additive mixtures
Huang F, Rha C