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These are the top cited articles published in Photochemistry and Photobiology during 2010-2012. This information has been compiled from Thomson ISI Web of Science.

ld Chromophores, New Photoactivation Paradigms, Trendy Applications: Flavins in Blue Light-Sensing Photoreceptors

Losi, Aba; Gaertner, Wolfgang

Volume: 87   Issue: 3


Artificial Photosynthesis: From Molecular Catalysts for Light-driven Water Splitting to Photoelectrochemical Cells

Andreiadis, Eugen S.; Chavarot-Kerlidou, Murielle; Fontecave, Marc; et al.

Volume: 87   Issue: 5  


Temoporfin (Foscan (R), 5,10,15,20-Tetra(m-hydroxyphenyl)chlorin)-A Second-generation Photosensitizer

Senge, Mathias O.; Brandt, Johan C.

Volume: 87   Issue: 6 


Enhanced Self-cleaning, Antibacterial and UV Protection Properties of Nano TiO2 Treated Textile through Enzymatic Pretreatment

Montazer, Majid; Seifollahzadeh, Samira

Volume: 87  Issue: 4  


Singlet Oxygen Sensor Green (R): Photochemical Behavior in Solution and in a Mammalian Cell

Gollmer, Anita; Arnbjerg, Jacob; Blaikie, Frances H.; et al.

Volume: 87   Issue: 3  


The Consequences of UV-Induced Immunosuppression for Human Health

Norval, Mary; Halliday, Gary M.


Photodynamic Therapy with Pc 4 Induces Apoptosis of Candida albicans

Author(s): Lam, Minh; Jou, Paul C.; Lattif, Ali A.; et al.


The Susceptibility of Dermatophytes to Photodynamic Treatment with Special Focus on Trichophyton rubrum

Smijs, Threes G. M.; Pavel, Stan


Investigation of the Photodynamic Effects of Curcumin Against Candida albicans

Dovigo, Livia N.; Pavarina, Ana Claudia; Ribeiro, Ana Paula D.; et al.


The Influence of Oxygen Depletion and Photosensitizer Triplet-state Dynamics During Photodynamic Therapy on Accurate Singlet Oxygen Luminescence Monitoring and Analysis of Treatment Dose Response

Jarvi, Mark T.; Niedre, Mark J.; Patterson, Michael S.; et al.


The Different Behavior of Rutile and Anatase Nanoparticles in Forming Oxy Radicals Upon Illumination with Visible Light: An EPR Study

Lipovsky, Anat; Levitski, Luba; Tzitrinovich, Zeev; et al.


Optimal Photosensitizers for Photodynamic Therapy of Infections Should Kill Bacteria but Spare Neutrophils

Tanaka, Masamitsu; Kinoshita, Manabu; Yoshihara, Yasuo; et al.


gamma H2Ax: Biomarker of Damage or Functional Participant in DNA Repair "All that Glitters Is not Gold!"

Cleaver, James E.


Low-level Laser Therapy Improves Skeletal Muscle Performance, Decreases Skeletal Muscle Damage and Modulates mRNA Expression of COX-1 and COX-2 in a Dose-dependent Manner

de Almeida, Patricia; Brandao Lopes-Martins, Rodrigo Alvaro; Tomazoni, Shaiane Silva; et al.


Measurement of Singlet-Oxygen In Vivo: Progress and Pitfalls

Kanofsky, Jeffrey R.