Mind, Brain, and Education

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Annenberg Foundation Articles

The Annenberg Foundation course on learning and the brain recommends these 12 articles from Mind, Brain and Education for teachers and students.

We Feel, Therefore We Learn: The Relevance of Affective and Social Neuroscience to Education
Immordino-Yang, Damasio

A Tale of Two Cases: Lessons for Education From the Study of Two Boys Living With Half Their Brains

Learning as Problem Design Versus Problem Solving: Making the Connection Between Cognitive Neuroscience Research and Educational Practice


The Smoke Around Mirror Neurons: Goals as Sociocultural and Emotional Organizers of Perception and Action in Learning


Cognitive Development and Learning: Analyzing the Building of Skills in Classrooms


Mind, Brain, and Education: Building a Scientific Groundwork for Learning and Teaching

Building Mind, Brain, and Education Connections: The View From the Upper Valley
Coch, Michlovitz, Ansari, Baird,

Research Schools: Grounding Research in Educational Practice
Hinton, Fischer

Schooling as a Knowledge System: Lessons from Cramim Experimental School

How Many Brains Does It Take To Build a New Light: Knowledge Management Challenges of a Transdisciplinary Project
della Chiesa, Christoph, Hinton

Building Research Collaboratives Among Schools and Universities: Lessons from the Field
Kuriloff, Reichert, Stoudt, Ravitch

Understanding the Role of Neuroscience in Brain Based Products: A Guide for Educators and Consumers
Sylvan, Christodoulou