ISBT Science Series

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Edited By: Pieter van der Meer

Online ISSN: 1751-2824

Associated Title(s): Vox Sanguinis


ISBT Science Series, an affiliated publication of Vox Sanguinis, reports on advances in transfusion medicine focusing on topics of particular interest that reflect unique demographics. ISBT Science Series publishes original articles, reviews as well as invited ISBT Congress-affiliated reviews, rapid communications and ISBT Working Parties progress reports.

Aims and Scope

ISBT Science Series reports on developments in transfusion medicine, with special attention given to advances in specific geographical regions, or to progress in focused areas of transfusion medicine. Original papers and reviews are published on all aspects of blood transfusion and tissue transplantation, comprising five main sections:

  1. Transfusion - Transmitted Infectious Diseases and their prevention:
    • Identification and epidemiology of infectious agents transmissible by blood
    • Bacterial contamination of blood components
    • Donor recruitment and selection methods
    • Pathogen inactivation
  2. Blood Component Collection and Production:
    • Blood collection methods and devices (including apheresis)
    • Plasma fractionation techniques and plasma derivatives
    • Preparation of labile blood components
    • Inventory management
    • Haematopoietic progenitor cell collection and storage
    • Collection and storage of tissues
    • Quality management and good manufacturing practice
    • Automation and information technology
  3. Transfusion Medicine and New Therapies:
    • Transfusion thresholds and audits
    • Haemovigilance
    • Clinical trials regarding appropriate haemotherapy
    • Non-infectious adverse effects of transfusion
    • Therapeutic apheresis
    • Support of transplant patients
    • Gene therapy and immunotherapy
  4. Immunohaematology and Immunogenetics:
    • Autoimmunity in haematology
    • Alloimmunity of blood
    • Pre-transfusion testing
    • Immunodiagnostics
    • Immunobiology
    • Complement in immunohaematology
    • Blood typing reagents
    • Genetic markers of blood cells and serum proteins: polymorphisms and function
    • Genetic markers and disease
    • Parentage testing and forensic immunohaematology
  5. Cellular Therapy:
    • Cell-based therapies
    • Stem cell sources
    • Stem cell processing and storage
    • Stem cell products
    • Stem cell plasticity
    • Regenerative medicine with cells
    • Cellular immunotherapy
    • Molecular therapy
    • Gene therapy


Specialists and scientists interested in the latest developments within transfusion medicine research and practice. The journal is online-only and can be accessed by all members of the ISBT as part of their membership.
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