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Microbial Biotechnology

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Crystal Ball Articles - 2011

Crystal Ball - 2011
Volume 4, Issue 2, pages 109–137, March 2011

In this feature, leading researchers in the field of microbial biotechnology speculate on the technical and conceptual developments that will drive innovative research and open new vistas over the next few years.

Bioproducts from undefined mixed cultures: electron pushing
Largus T. Angenent,Robbert Kleerebezem

Looking through the crystal ball: where will our next generation drugs come from?
Ananda M. Chakrabarty

The complete catalogue of life: an end or a mean?
Pascale Gaudet and Amos Bairoch

Towards intelligent vaccines: the VAC-CHIP
Carlos A. Guzman, Kenneth N. Timmis

Energy, climate and environmental biotechnology
Ian M. Head

Microbes and food, partners in sickness and in health
Colin Hill

Opening a black box: how microbial ecology can inform global climate models
Gary K. Jacobs and Martin Keller

Metabolic engineering, systems biology and synthetic biology
Sang Yup Lee

Bioprocess Systems Engineering: bridging the ‘scales’ between ‘molecules, cells & processes’
Athanasios Mantalaris

Microbes watching over us
Jan Roelof van der Meer

Model guided engineering of microbial metabolism
Jens Nielsen

Microbial ecology and water engineering
Per Halkjær Nielsen

Switch on the bugs! (Where Environmental Engineering meets Synthetic Biology)
Korneel Rabaey

Giving a little help to our prokaryote friends
Bruce E. Rittmann

Bacteria and nanoscale biophysics
Alejandro V. Silhanek, Jos Vanderleyden

Synthetic enzymes: catalysis on demand
Blake A. Simmons

Visions about water and sanitation for the cities of the future: time to rethink environmental microbial processes
Willy Verstraete and Bart De Gusseme

Stand alone biofuel production from algae
Rene H. Wijffels, Marcel Janssen and Maria J. Barbosa

Tapping into ancient medicine for today's problem with functional metagenomics
Liping Zhao, Jeremy K. Nicholson

Weaving a synthetic harness for the biosynthesis of natural products
Sergey B. Zotchev