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Microbial Biotechnology

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Genomics Updates

Some (bacilli) like it hot: genomics of Geobacillus species

David J. Studholme

Recently published Streptomyces genome sequences

James Harrison and David J. Studholme

The human gut microbiome: are we our enterotypes?

Roland J. Siezen and Michiel Kleerebezem

Single-cell genomics: unravelling the genomes of unculturable microorganisms
Victor de Jager and Roland J. Siezen

Searching in microbial genomes for encoded small proteins
Jos Boekhorst, Greer Wilson and Roland J. Siezen

Microbial sunscreens
Roland J. Siezen


Genomic tracing of epidemics and disease outbreaks
Anita C. Schürch and Roland J. Siezen

Genomics of microalgae, fuel for the future?
Rob J. W Brooijmans, Roland J. Siezen

Genome (re-)annotation and open-source annotation pipelines
Roland J. Siezen, Sacha A. F. T. van Hijum

Prokaryotic whole-transcriptome analysis: deep sequencing and tiling arrays
Roland J. Siezen, Greer Wilson, Tilman Todt

Probiotics genomics
Roland J. Siezen, Greer Wilson


Hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria: the oil-spill clean-up crew
Rob J. W. Brooijmans, Margreet I. Pastink, Roland J. Siezen

Genomics of plant-associated microbes
Peter van Baarlen, Roland J. Siezen

Bioleaching genomics
Roland J. Siezen, Greer Wilson

Genomics of deep-sea and sub-seafloor microbes
Roland J. Siezen, Greer Wilson


Genomics of dairy fermentations
Roland J. Siezen, Herwig Bachmann

Genomics of biological wastewater treatment
Roland J. Siezen, Marco Galardini

Natural products genomics
Roland J. Siezen, Barzan I. Khayatt

Unpublished but public microbial genomes with biotechnological relevance
Roland J. Seizen, Greer Wilson

Wine genomics
Roland J. Siezen