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Edited By: Scott Harris

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Virtual Issues from Sociology Compass

Violence and Conflict

Published: 18 Feb 2008

Geographies of war: perspectives on resource wars
Phillippe Le Billon

Criminal Violence in Modern Britain
J. Carter Wood

Violence and vulnerability in Eastern Africa before 1800 CE
David Schoenbrun

Reading Shakespearean violence
Gavin Paul

Understanding Contemporary Millenarian Violence
John Walliss

Views of Jihad throughout history

Gandhi, the Mahatma: Evolving Narrataives and Native Discourse in Gandhi Studies
Veena Rani Howard

A Framework for Explaining Aggression Involving Groups
Brian Meier, Verlin B. Hinsz, Sarah R. Heimerdinger

On the Perils of Glorifying the Ingroup: Intergroup Violence, Ingroup Glorification and Moral Disengagement
Emanuele Castano

Research in School Shootings
Glenn Muschert

Virtual Issues from Sociology Compass

The Cultural/Natural Divide

Published: 15 Feb 2008

CU: Governmentality and Lifestyle Studies
Sam Binkley

The persistent problem of colorism: Skin tone, status, and inequalaity

SM: The Social Construction of Fat: Care and Control in the Public Concern for Healthy Behaviour
Roel Pieterman

SPL Constructionist Perspectives on the Life Course
JAMES HOLSTEIN, Jaber F. Gubrium

SPL: What is body work?: A review of the literature
Debra Gimlin

PEU: Space and the State
James Martin

RE: A review of the study of the political status of indigenous peoples in the global context
Keri Iyall Smith

SM: Gender and the 'New Paradigm' of Health
Sarah Moore

SM: Sociology and the Art of Risk
Gabriel Mythen

SM: Sociological Knowledge and Scientific Knowledge
Matthew David

Virtual Issues from Sociology Compass

Race and Racism

Published: 11 Feb 2008

Its urban living, not ethnicity itself: Race, crime and the urban geography of high risk youth
Elizabeth Brown

British anatomists, phrenologists and the construction of the Aboriginal race
Paul Turnbull

Towards an 18th-Century Transatlantic Critical Race Theory
Ruth Hill

Linguistic contributions to the Advancement of Racial Justice within and beyond the African Diaspora
John Baugh

Race, Colorbllindness, and Continental Philosophy

Queer theory and its future in psychology: Exploring issues of race privilege
Damien Riggs

Covert Racisim - US and Global
Rodney Coates

The persistent problem of colorism: Skin tone, status, and inequalaity

Virtual Issues from Sociology Compass


Published: 01 Feb 2008

Globalisation, inequality and climate change: What difference does China make?
Raphael Kaplinsky

Anthropocene geopolitics: globalization, empire, environment and critique
Simon Dalby

Teaching African History in an Era of Globalization
R. Hunt Davis, Jr.

Globalizing Chinese History
Hans van de Ven

Globalization and Contemporary Literature
Nico Israel

Whats new in the history of Christianity?

Transglobalism of self-exiled Hindus: the case of Australia
Purushottama Bilimoria

Networks of meaning: Intergroup relations, cultural worldviews, and knowledge activation principles
Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton, Nina Hensen

Social psychology and multiculturalism
Maykel Verkuyten

Social movements research and the "movement of movements": Studying anti-capitalist resistance to neo-liberal globalisation
Lawrence Cox, Alf Gunvald Nilsen

Globalization of Culture and the Arts
Laura L. Adams