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Edited By: Fred P. Piercy

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Virtual Issue: Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

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Comment from the Editor of JMFT

It is my pleasure to introduce the first virtual issue of JMFT. (A virtual issue is a collection of previously published JMFT articles on a particular topic.) The topic of this inaugural virtual issue is Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, which was compiled by Dr. Thorana Nelson, the Virtual Issues Editor of the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy (JMFT).

Under Dr. Nelson’s leadership, there will be a number of future virtual issues on topics such as ethics, Emotionally Focused Therapy, MFT supervision, MFT education and training, gender and diversity, the DSM, and other topics that are often covered in MFT training programs. We believe that these collections will meet several needs, including serving as a ready source of readings for practicing clinicians seeking professional development, MFT training programs faculty and students looking for easy-to-access reading packets, and scholars seeking key articles on a particular topic. We are all indebted to Dr. Nelson for her leadership in this promising new JMFT initiative.

Fred Piercy, Editor, Journal of Marital and Family Therapy

Comment from the Virtual Issues Editor of JMFT

I am excited to be the first Virtual Issues Editor of JMFT. I chose as my first topic an area that I am familiar with and that I thought would be relatively simple to compile. As with Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, I found the exercise simple but not easy: there are many excellent JMFT articles from which to choose. Therefore, I determined criteria: first, articles that were written by the founders of the approach or descriptions of the approach; second, articles that described the approach as it could be used with particular clinical populations or in particular ways; and third, articles that were publications of the results of research that used the approach as its primary focus or as compared to other approaches.

I discovered that this approach worked rather well for this topic and intend to use it for future topics. Because we need to limit the number of articles in each virtual issue to 12 to 15 or so, you may see some topics divided into subtopics such as theory or development of something; clinical applications; research, and so forth.

In addition, because we want the issues to be most useful to clinicians, educators, and researchers, I may identify a guest editor on occasion to work with me. At this point, we are looking for suggestions of topics that will be useful to readers in a “bundled” issue of past JMFT articles. Please feel free to contact the editor, Fred Piercy or me with suggestions.

Finally, I would like to point out that we are not claiming that these articles are the only very good articles on particular topics. These are JMFT articles that have already been published. Also, you may think that there are other JMFT articles that are just as good. I invite commentary about this either in the form of emails to me or as letters to the editor of the Family Therapy Magazine.

I hope you enjoy these virtual issues and find them useful.

Thorana Nelson, Virtual Issues Editor, Journal of Marital and Family Therap

Conceptual Articles

Four Useful Interventions in Brief Family Therapy
Steve de Shazer, Alex Molnar

The Integration of Emotion in Solution- Focused Therapy
David J. Kiser, Fred P. Piercy, Eve Lipchik

The Solution-Oriented Genogram: A Collaborative Approach
Bruce P. Kuehl

Solution-Focused Therapy: Toward the Identification of Therapeutic Tasks
Alex Molnar, Steve de Shazer

Steve de Shazer and the Future of Solution-Focused Therapy
Terry S. Trepper, Yvonne Dolan, Eric E. McCollum, Thorana Nelson


Solution-Focused Therapy for Families Coping with Suicide
Sahily De Castro, Jeffrey T. Guterman

Solution-Focused Therapy in A Psychiatric Hospital
Cynthia J. Kok, Jennie Leskela


Effects of Solution Focused Therapy's “Formula First Session Task” on Compliance and Outcome in Family Therapy
Jerome F. Adams, Fred P. Piercy, Joan A. Jurich

A Conversation Analysis of A Solution-Focused Marital Therapy Session
Jerry Gale, Neal Newfield

An Interactional Model of Questions as Therapeutic Interventions
Dan McGee, Agustin Del Vento, Janet Beavin Bavelas

Focused Supervision Seen Through A Recursive Frame Analysis
Jim Rudes, Lee Shilts, Insoo Kim Berg

The Development of the Solution Building Inventory
Sara A. Smock, Eric E. McCollum, Michelle L. Stevenson

Making a Difference in Making Miracles: Common Roadblocks to Miracle Question Effectiveness
Sandra M.Stith, Marjorie Strachman Miller, Jeremy Boyle, Jonathan Swinton, Gary Ratcliffe, Eric McCollum

Beyond the Clinic: In-Home Therapy with Head Start Families
Volker Thomas, Eric E. McCollum, Wendy Snyder

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