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Published: 07 Sep 2009

The Role of Headwater Streams in Downstream Water Quality
Richard B. Alexander, Elizabeth W. Boyer , Richard A. Smith , Gregory E. Schwarz , and Richard B. Moore

Ranch Ownership Change and New Approaches to Water Resource Management in Southwestern Montana: Implications for Fisheries
Hannah Gosnell, Julia H. Haggerty, and Patrick A. Byorth

Adequacy of Visually Classified Particle Count Statistics From Regional Stream Habitat Surveys
John M. Faustini and Philip R. Kaufmann

Effects of Riparian Areas, Stream Order, and Land Use Disturbance on Watershed-Scale Habitat Potential: An Ecohydrologic Approach to Policy
Paul Ekness and Timothy Randhir

Conservation-Induced Wastewater Flow Reductions Improve Nitrogen Removal: Evidence from New York City
Kurt Paulsen, Jeffrey Featherstone, and Sean Greene

Assessment of Changes in Stream and Riparian Conditions of the Marys River Basin, Nevada
Sarah Newman and Sherman Swanson

Exploratory Analysis of the Winter Chemistry of Five Lakes on the North Slope of Alaska
Molly K. Chambers, Daniel M. White, Michael R. Lilly, Larry D. Hinzman, Kristie M. Hilton, and Robert C. Busey

Effects of Flow Augmentation in the Snake River Basin on Farms Profitability
Genevieve Briand, Eric C. Schuck, and David W. Holland

Models, assumptions, and stakeholders: Planning for water-supply variability in the Colorado River Basin
Dustin Garrick, Katharine Jacobs, and Gregg Garfin

Managing Drought Through Water Markets: Farmer Preferences in the Rio Grande Basin
Ereney Hadjigeorgalis

Regional scale stressor-response models in aquatic ecosystems
E. Conrad Lamon III and Song S. Qian

Situational Waste in Landscape Watering: Residential and Business Water Use in an Urban Utah Community
Joanna Endter-Wada, Judith Kurtzman, Sean P. Keenan, Roger K. Kjelgren, and Christopher M.U. Neale

Modeling the Potential of the Northern China Forest Shelterbelt in Improving Hydroclimate Conditions
Yongqiang Liu, John Stanturf, and Houquan Lu

Tree Basal Growth Response to Flooding in a Bottomland Hardwood Forest in Central Ohio
Christopher J. Anderson and William J. Mitsch

Estrogenic Compounds Downstream From Three Small Cities in Eastern Nebraska: Occurrence and Biological Effect
Marlo K. Sellin, Daniel D. Snow, Debbie L. Akerly, Alan S. Kolok

Assessing Effectiveness of National Flood Policy Through Spatiotemporal Monitoring of Socioeconomic Exposure
Lauren A. Patterson and Martin W. Doyle

Linking Hydrologic Alteration to Biological Impairment in Urbanizing Streams of the Puget Lowland, Washington, USA
Curtis L. DeGasperi, Hans B. Berge, Kelly R. Whiting, Jeff J. Burkey, Jan L. Cassin, and Robert R. Fuerstenberg

Approximating SWAT Model Using Artificial Neural Network and Support Vector Machine
Xuesong Zhang, Raghavan Srinivasan, and Michael Van Liew

Is Denser Greener? An Evaluation of Higher Density Development as an Urban Stormwater-Quality Best Management Practice
John S. Jacob and Ricardo Lopez

Effect of the Spatial Variability of Land Use, Soil Type, and Precipitation on Streamflows in Small Watersheds
Huidae Cho and Francisco Olivera