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Evolutionary Applications

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Edited By: Louis Bernatchez

Impact Factor: 4.572

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2015: 9/45 (Evolutionary Biology)

Online ISSN: 1752-4571

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Highly cited articles contributing to the 2015 Impact Factor:

Climate change, adaptation, and phenotypic plasticity: the problem and the evidence
Merilae, Juha; Hendry, Andrew P.

Genomic islands of divergence and their consequences for the resolution of spatial structure in an exploited marine fish
Bradbury, Ian R.; Hubert, Sophie; Higgins, Brent; Bowman, Sharen; Borza, Tudor; Paterson, Ian G.; Snelgrove, Paul V. R.; Morris, Corey J.; Gregory, Robert S.; Hardie, David; Hutchings, Jeffrey A.; Ruzzante, Daniel E.; Taggart, Christopher T.; Bentzen, Paul

The sexually dimorphic on the Y-chromosome gene (sdY) is a conserved male-specific Y-chromosome sequence in many salmonids
Yano, Ayaka; Nicol, Barbara; Jouanno, Elodie; Quillet, Edwige; Fostier, Alexis; Guyomard, Rene; Guiguen, Yann

Climate change in the oceans: evolutionary versus phenotypically plastic responses of marine animals and plants
Reusch, Thorsten B. H.

Reproductive success of captively bred and naturally spawned Chinook salmon colonizing newly accessible habitat
Anderson, Joseph H.; Faulds, Paul L.; Atlas, William I.; Quinn, Thomas P.

Evolutionary foundations for cancer biology
Aktipis, C. Athena; Nesse, Randolph M.

A resurrection study reveals rapid adaptive evolution within populations of an invasive plant
Sultan, Sonia E.; Horgan-Kobelski, Tim; Nichols, Lauren M.; Riggs, Charlotte E.; Waples, Ryan K.

Evolutionary and plastic responses to climate change in terrestrial plant populations
Franks, Steven J.; Weber, Jennifer J.; Aitken, Sally N.

Evolutionary potential of marine phytoplankton under ocean acidification
Collins, Sinead; Rost, Bjoern; Rynearson, Tatiana A.

Reduced fitness of Atlantic salmon released in the wild after one generation of captive breeding
Milot, Emmanuel; Perrier, Charles; Papillon, Lucie; Dodson, Julian J.; Bernatchez, Louis