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Evolutionary Applications

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Edited By: Louis Bernatchez

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Online ISSN: 1752-4571

Editorial Board


Louis Bernatchez

Institut de Biologie Intégrative et des Systèmes (IBIS)
Pavillon Charles-Eugène-Marchand
Université Laval, Québec, QC G1V 0A6
Phone: 1 418 656-3402 | Fax: 1 418 656-7176 | Email:

Research interests include genotype by environment interactions, particularly in the context of speciation studies and conservation genetics; utilizes population and quantitative genetics, genetic mapping, functional genomics, behavioural ecology and physiology.

Founding Editor

Michelle Tseng
Founding Editor

Michelle employs empirical studies of insects and their pathogens to examine how environmental heterogeneity mediates the outcome of species interactions at ecological and evolutionary scales.

Associate EditorScott Carroll
Associate Editor

Studies basic and applied aspects of evolutionary biology. Scott uses observational and experimental approaches to address questions in evolutionary conservation biology, contemporary evolution, and adaptation to global change.

Associate EditorZach Gompert
Associate Editor

Zach is interested in population and evolutionary genetics and genomics. In particular, he studies the genetic basis and evolution of ecologically important traits and barriers to gene flow between species. His research combines manipulative experiments, analysis of DNA sequence data from natural populations, and computational statistics.

Associate EditorAndrew Hendry
Associate Editor

Uses a range of study systems, including stickleback, guppies, finches and salmon to investigate how ecological changes influence evolutionary dynamics, and vice versa, how evolutionary changes influence ecological dynamics. Andrew recently co-edited a special issue in Evolutionary Applications on evolutionary perspectives of salmonid conservation and management.

Associate EditorBritt Koskella
Associate Editor (Research Highlights and Social Media)

Combines experimental evolution and studies of natural populations to explore ecology and evolution of infectious disease, including coevolutionary interactions among phage viruses, bacterial pathogens, and plants. Britt uses this three-way interaction both as a model system and to explore the use of phages as an alternative to antibiotics in agriculture.

Associate EditorKerry Naish
Associate Editor

Studies the evolutionary responses of populations to environmental change and to conservation actions using a combination of molecular genomics, quantitative genetics, field studies, and laboratory crosses. Kerry is interested in developing proactive approaches that inform the conservation and management of aquatic species.

Associate EditorCraig Primmer
Reviews Editor

Investigates genetic processes underlying adaptation and speciation; applies research to developing conservation and management guidelines for a wide range of endangered and exploited organisms, including fishes, amphibians and birds.

Associate EditorAndrew Read
Associate Editor

Andrew's group works on the ecology and evolution of infectious disease. Andrew uses experimental and mathematical approaches to address a range of topics including virulence and infectiousness, adaptation to new hosts, vaccine failure and insecticide resistance.

Associate EditorOuti Savolainen
Associate Editor

Studies genetic basis and population genomics of climatic adaptation in forest tree populations and in Arabidopsis, especially the outcrossing Arabidopsis lyrata. The work is related to also to tree breeding and genetics of adaptation to climate change. Recently, she also has an interest in the genetics of speciation, especially in incipient reproductive isolation between diverged population of Arabidopsis lyrata. Savolainen

Associate EditorPete Thrall
Associate Editor

Addresses questions pertaining to the ecological and evolutionary dynamics of host–microbe interactions in natural systems; investigations include the role of genetic diversity in host resistance and pathogen infectivity in disease epidemics.

Associate EditorFrédéric Thomas
Associate Editor

Research interests include ecology and Evolution of host-parasite relationships, ecology of health, evolutionary medicine especially cancer and behavioural ecology.

Associate EditorMaren Wellenreuther
Associate Editor

Integrates genomic methods with field and experimental approaches to address basic and applied questions in evolutionary biology. Her study systems range from insects to fish, and she is interested in processes acting on natural populations, such as the effects of global change on behaviour and gene flow, as well as the processes occurring during the domestication process, including rapid selection of disease resistance and growth. Maren co-edited a special issue in Evolutionary Applications on 'women's contribution to basic and applied evolutionary biology'.

Advisory Board

S. Aitken, University of British Columbia, Canada
F. Allendorf, University of Montana, USA
S. Barrett, University of Toronto, Canada
B.J. Crespi, Simon Fraser University, Canada
T. Day, Queens University, Canada
N. Ellstrand, University of California, Riverside, USA
A. Estoup, CBGP, France
D. Fraser, Concordia University, Canada
G. Gilchrist, College of William and Mary / NSF, USA
J. Hellmann, University of Notre Dame, USA
A. Hoffman, University of Melbourne, Australia
J. Hutchings, Dalhousie University, Canada
P. Jarne, CEFE, Montpellier, France
N. Kane, University of British Columbia, Canada
R.Kassen, University of Ottawa, Canada
J. A. Merilä, University of Helsinki, Finland
Y. Michalakis, IRD, Montpellier, France
J. Myers, University of British Columbia, Canada
L. Rieseberg, University of British Columbia, Canada / Indiana University, USA
T. Smith, University of California, Los Angeles, USA
S. Strauss, University of California, Davis, USA
J. Webster, Imperial College London, UK