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Edited By: Zachary T. Bloomgarden and Guang Ning

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Study Design Support

What is Study Design Support?
It is a free and confidential service by the editorial team at Journal of Diabetes to help you design your studies. Download the full introduction in PDF at here.

How does it work?
Our editorial team provides you with free and confidential feedback on your study design before you submit your final study to a journal, or before you do the study. Study Design Support does not reject, accept or publish your study design. We just provide you with free and confidential feedback. You submit your study design to us, using a submission form.

How do I submit?
Please download the submission form and submit it to

How long does the feedback take?
The Editors try to complete feedback on your study designs within two weeks.

What is the advantage?
How many times have you or will you submit a manuscript to a journal and receive requests for major revisions or rejection that are both surprising and delay your work several weeks or months? Study Design Support is an opportunity for you to get early feedback that could prove critical for your final manuscript to qualify for timely acceptance in journal peer review.

Do I have to publish later in Journal of Diabetes if I use Study Design Support?
No. Journal of Diabetes welcomes manuscripts, but submission of your study design to Study Design Support does not condition and does not guarantee publication of a later and related manuscript to the Journal. Instead, Study Design Support just provides you with free and confidential feedback on your study design in advance of submission to any journal. You are free to publish your final manuscript in any journal of your own choice.

Does Study Design Support constitute publication?
No. Study Design Support is not a journal, and does not publish anything. It only uses the expertise of a journal’s editorial team to help you with free and confidential feedback.

What happens if I submit my final manuscript to Journal of Diabetes?
Please state in the cover letter, if your manuscript is based on a study design originally submitted to our Study Design Support. Then it will be processed via our Express Publication channel with faster decision time, and publication if accepted.

Who has copyright?
You do. Copyright for all submissions to Study Design Support remain with you. Remember, it is not a publication, just editorial feedback.

>Do you accept submissions in languages other than English?
No. The expertise of our editorial team is international and we are native in many languages. However, for the purpose of discussing your ideas within our team, we ask that you submit in English. We will certainly consider introducing other languages in the future.

Contact us
We always welcome your feedback and questions:

Imelda Lee, Editorial Assistant
Study Design Support/ Journal of Diabetes

Tel: (+86) 21 64370045, extension 611566
Fax: (+86) 21 64373514