Canadian Public Administration

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Edited By: Evert A. Lindquist

Online ISSN: 1754-7121

Editorial Board

Evert A. Lindquist,
School of Public Administration, University of Victoria

Managing Editor
Christy Paddick, The Institute of Public Administration of Canada

Associate Editor and Book Review Editor (French)
Denis Saint-Martin, University of Montreal

Associate Editor and Book Review Editor (English)
Carey Doberstein, Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia

Editorial Board
Frances Abele, Carleton University
Christopher Alcantara, Western University
Luc Bernier, Université d'Ottawa
Sandford Borins, University of Toronto
Keith Brownsey, Mount Royal University
Fred Carden, RTI International
Ian D. Clark, University of Toronto
Louis Côté, Observatoire de l'administration publique, Québec
Katherine Fierlbeck, Dalhousie University
Toby Fyfe, Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages
Monica Gattinger, University of Ottawa
Andrew Graham, Queen's University
Victor Haines, Université de Montréal
Luc Juillet, University of Ottawa
Joseph Kushner, Brock University
Rachel Laforest, Queen's University
Jonathan Malloy, Carleton University
James McAllister, Ministry of Finance, Government of Ontario
Paul F. McKenna, Public Safety Innovation, Inc.
Janine O'Flynn, Australian National University
Kenneth Rasmussen, University of Regina
Alasdair Roberts, University of Missouri
Lloyd Robertson, Ontario Ministry of Transportation
Jeffrey Roy, Dalhouise University
Tania Saba, Université de Montréal
David Siegel, Brock University
Lori Turnbull, Democratic Institutions Secretariat, Government of Canada
Paul 't Hart, University of Utrecht
Annis May Timpson, Linacre College, University of Oxford
Graham White, University of Toronto