Canadian Public Administration

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Edited By: Evert A. Lindquist

Online ISSN: 1754-7121

Society Information

The Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC), founded in 1947, is a dynamic association of public servants, academics, and others interested in public administration. Rooted by its Regional Groups, it is a membership-based organization that creates effective knowledge networks and leads public administration research in Canada. Since the early 1990s, it has been a major player in exporting successful Canadian public sector expertise around the world. 

IPAC's mission is 'Dedicated to excellence in public service'.  The Institute pursues this mission by:

  • Encouraging the highest standards of professional practice and service to the public;
  • Enhancing the understanding of the public sector;
  • Advocating the highest values and ideals of public service;
  • Expanding and exchanging knowledge about public administration;
  • Contributing to the resolution of key issues in public administration;
  • Promoting the education and professional development of public administrators.

In its mission to promote excellence in public service, IPAC strives to advance the theory and practice of public management and governance. It harnesses the ideas presented in its prestigious journal, magazine, books, case studies, conference events and awards to stir innovation and the creative exchange of ideas and best practices among public servants, academics and students of public administration.

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