Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism

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Edited By: Dina Mansour and Anastasia Voronkova

Online ISSN: 1754-9469


Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism (SEN) is a fully refereed journal publishing three issues per volume on ethnicity, race and nationalism. The sources and nature of ethnic identity, minority rights, migration and identity politics remain central and recurring themes of the modern world. The journal approaches the complexity of these questions from a contemporary perspective. The journal's sole purpose is to showcase exceptional articles from up-and-coming scholars across the world, as well as concerned professionals and practitioners in government, law, NGOs and media, making it one of the first journals to provide an interdisciplinary forum for established and younger scholars alike. The journal is strictly non-partisan and does not subscribe to any particular viewpoints or perspective. All articles are fully peer-reviewed by scholars who are specialists in their respective fields.

Aims and Scope

Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism publishes high quality contributions based on the latest scholarship drawing on political science, sociology, anthropology, economics, international relations, history and cultural studies. It welcomes contributions that address contemporary questions of ethnicity, race and nationalism across the globe and disciplines. In addition to short research articles, each issue introduces the latest publications in this field, as well as cutting edge review articles of topical and scholarly debates in this field. The journal also publishes regular special issues on themes of contemporary relevance, as well as the conference issue of the annual conference of the Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism (ASEN).


Postgraduate students in politics, history, anthropology, cultural and ethnicity studies.


ethnicity, nationalism, studies, nations, nationality, ASEN, politics, sociology, history, ethnography, race, international, transnational, supranational, journal, study, association, anthropology, war, peace, migration, conflict, historical, sociological, short articles

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