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Edited By: Marc Lipson, University of Virginia and Raghavendra Rau, University of Cambridge

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Author Guidelines


Reasons to submit to Financial Management

Financial Management serves both academicians and practitioners who are concerned with the financial management of non-financial businesses, financial institutions, and public and private not-for-profit organizations. Financial Management’s editorial policy is that the journal serves the profession by publishing significant new scholarly research in finance that is of the highest quality. The principal criteria for which your manuscript will be judged when deciding to publish are: originality, rigor, timeliness, practical relevance, and quality.

Manuscripts are reviewed with the understanding that they have not been simultaneously submitted to any other journal, that they represent original work of the author(s), and that they have not been previously published either in whole or in part.

The submission fee for manuscript evaluation is $200 for FMA members, $300 for non-FMA members, and $230 for doctoral students who are not FMA members. The $300 and $230 non-member submission fees include a one-year membership in FMA for the submitting author. Payment by either American Express, MasterCard, or Visa is required.

Manuscripts must be submitted electronically. To submit your manuscript, please use the following web page address:
 Manuscripts must be in either MS Word format or PDF file format
 Once you complete your submission form and fee payment, you will be forwarded to FM's submission partner, ScholarOne

 Individuals who are registered users with ScholarOne will be required to enter their username and password to complete the manuscript submission process

 Individuals who are not registered users with ScholarOne will be required to register with the service prior to the manuscript submission process. There is no fee to register with ScholarOne and registration will allow you to track the status of your manuscript in real-time.

 Equations should be numbered consecutively, with the number in parentheses and flush with the right margin. Equations should be clearly explained in the text, and derivations or proofs may be relegated to an appendix. Where appropriate, it may be helpful to provide supplemental sheets showing all steps in algebraic derivations so that the reviewers do not have to re-create them.

 Tables should appear on separate pages labeled in numerical order with Roman numerals and grouped at the end of the text. Figures should appear on separate pages labeled in numerical order with Arabic numerals and grouped at the end of the text. Label tables at the top and follow the heading with a description of the table in sufficient detail so that it is capable of standing alone. Label figures in the same manner. Include marginal notation in the article for the approximate placement of all tables and figures.

 Minimize extensive content footnotes.

 Place references in an unnumbered, alphabetical list at the end of the manuscript. Provide all relevant publication information available (i.e., season/month, year, city and state, author(s), etc.) Examples of references are provided below:

Reference Examples

Wei, S. and C. Zhang, 2005, "Idiosyncratic Risk Does Not Matter: A Re-examination of the Relationship between Average Returns and Average Volatilities," Journal of Banking and Finance 29, 603-621.

Kuhn, T.S., 1962, The Structure of Scientific Revolution, Chicago, IL, University of Chicago Press.

Wolfers, J. and E. Zitzewitz, 2007, "Interpreting Prediction Market Prices as Probabilities," Dartmouth College and University of Pennsylvania Working Paper.

Brennan, M., 2003, “Corporate Investment Policy,” in G. Constantinides, M. Harris, and R. Stulz, Eds., Handbook of the Economics of Finance, Vol. 1A, Amsterdam, Elsevier Science.

 Cite references in the text by citing the authors’ names and then the year of publication in parentheses.

 Authors of accepted papers should direct questions about manuscript preparation to the Managing Editor, Financial Management Association International, University of South Florida, College of Business Administration, Tampa, FL33620-5500, Ph: 1.813.974.2084, Fax: 1.813.974.3318, email:, Web page: