Financial Management

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Edited By: Utpal Bhattacharya (Executive Editor) - HKUST, Bing Han (Editor) - University of Toronto, and Rajkamal Iyer (Editor) - Imperial College

Impact Factor: 1.517

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2016: 30/96 (Business Finance)

Online ISSN: 1755-053X

Reasons to Submit to FM

1. Your paper will have a global readership:

The Financial Management (FM) is the flagship journal of the Financial Management Association International, which is the largest professional organization (over 3,000 members) in the world of finance academicians, students and practitioners. Being a general-interest finance journal, FM publishes high quality papers in all areas of finance, such as asset pricing, corporate finance, financial intermediation, behavioral finance, market microstructure, international finance, etc. FM publishes empirical papers and theoretical papers with empirical implications.

FM seeks to publish articles that are relevant and topical to the real world. It welcomes papers that may be bold and controversial.

2.Your paper will be part of a brand that will be developed by a new editorial team:

Utpal Bhattacharya (HKUST, Asia), Executive Editor

Bing Han (Toronto, Americas), Editor

Rajkamal Iyer (Imperial, Europe), Editor

The brand of the FM will be: “it is a finance journal that publishes academic articles that people actually read.” This means that the articles are relevant and topical to the real world (motivation comes from reality rather than from the literature), articles are original (more weight to the idea and less weight to robustness tests), and articles are bold and controversial (to provoke debate)

3.Your paper will attract an international audience:

FM is an international journal. The three new editors are from Asia, North America and Europe, respectively. The new associate editors also come from all over the world. This means that the articles will be based on theory or data from anywhere in the world where an interesting financial issue crops up.

4.Your paper will be promoted globally via the below methods:

• Email campaigns

• FM journal app

• Social media

• Global conferences

• Journal homepage

5.Your paper will have one of the fastest turnaround times amongst finance journals:

The median turnaround time, from submission date to editorial decision date is 15 days. This makes FM one of the fastest amongst the top 20 finance journals. While this statistic makes us proud, what makes us prouder is the statistic that really matters to authors – the median acceptance time. This is the time from submission date to editorial decision date where the decision is “accept”. The median acceptance time of FM is 8.2 months, which is in the top 3 of the top 20 finance journals (source: Craig Holden, working paper, SSRN)

6.Your paper, if published, will be regarded as high quality:

The acceptance rate is 6%. This makes FM one of the most selective amongst the top 20 finance journals. Further, after acceptance, the editors work with the authors to make the papers even more accessible to a wider audience.