Journal of Renal Care

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Edited By: Nicola Thomas

Online ISSN: 1755-6686

Virtual Issue - Renal Nutrition

Journal of Renal Care Virtual Issue: Renal Nutrition

Guest editorial Deepa Kariyawasam and Debbie Sutton, UK

This virtual issue brings together six papers on a variety of aspects on renal nutrition that have been published in the Journal of Renal Care over the past two years. Dietary requirements can vary hugely between the five stages of chronic kidney disease (CKD). In mild-to-moderate kidney disease there are immense benefits in following a healthy-eating diet due to beneficial effects on blood pressure, diabetes and lipid control. Willingham's paper demonstrates the challenges in combining the renal and diabetes diets. Given the high numbers of people in the early stages of CKD compared with stages 4-5, it is important that the healthy eating diet is not discouraged in our patients. As kidney disease progresses, phosphate control is important through diet and binders. Patients need to be empowered with the skills to control phosphate and Karavetian and Ghaddar's paper shows how this can be done. Furthermore, phosphate binder adherence can be improved with nurse-led education intervention as demonstrated by Sandlin et al. When dietary alterations are required, it is not just phosphate that needs to be reduced. Salt in the diet also needs modifications and Ward's article shows that salt can be reduced without impacting on the amounts of food eaten by people in hospital. It is important that alterations to the diet don't impact on nutritional status, as people with kidney disease are at risk of cachexia as discussed in Reid's article. In summary, although diets for people with advanced kidney disease can be very challenging and often difficult to adhere to, it is both possible and essential that every individual is able to achieve a nutritionally complete intake that will optimise their health and well-being as well as addressing disease specific dietary modifications.

We hope you enjoy reading the following papers which are freely available to download.


The Dietary Management Of Patients With Diabetes And Renal Disease: Challenges And Practicalities

Fiona Willingham

Nutritional Education For The Management Of Osteodystrophy (NEMO) In Patients On Haemodialysis: A Randomised Controlled Trial

Mirey Karavetian and Sana Ghaddar

A literature review of end-stage renal disease and cachexia: understanding experience to inform evidence-based healthcare

Joanne Reid, Helen Rose Noble, Sam Porter, Joanne Sarah Shields, Alexander Peter Maxwell

Effect of nutritional intervention on malnutrition indicators in patients on haemodialysis

Linda Grace Roy, Manjunath S. Shetty, Asna Urooj

Removing salt sachets from ward meal-trays does not affect patients' nutritional intake

Jennifer Ward and Elizabeth Batt

The impact of nurse-led education on haemodialysis patients' phosphate binder medication adherence

Kimberly Sandlin, Paul N Bennett, Cherene Ockerby, Ann-Marie Corradini