Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine

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Edited By: Prof. You-Ping Li (Chinese Cochrane Center, China); Prof. Mike Clarke (All Ireland Hub for Trials Methodology Research, UK)

Online ISSN: 1756-5391

Virtual Issue: Earthquakes

In the following Virtual Issue, we highlight twenty articles published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine related to earthquakes.

Lessons learnt from the Wenchuan earthquake: performance evaluation of treatment of critical injuries in hardest-hit areas.
Jiang J, Li Y, Huang X, Li B, Su L, Zhong D, Shi C, Li M, Shan J, Chen Y.

Four-year anniversary of Wenchuan Earthquake: a disaster relief drill was held in Sichuan province.
Lei Y, Xiao-dong J.

Lessons learned from the Wenchuan earthquake.
Shen J, Kang J, Shi Y, Li Y, Li Y, Su L, Wu J, Zheng S, Jiang J, Hu W, Yang Y, Tang X, Wen J, Li L, Shen J, Zhong D.

Applying lessons from China's Wenchuan earthquake to medical rescue following the Yushu earthquake.
Deng S, Zheng S, Shi Y.

Trans-province transfer of 10,373 patients injured in Wenchuan earthquake.
Chen J, Zhao W, Xian M, Lu J, Liang Z.

Construction and operation of a system for secure and precise medical material distribution in disaster areas after Wenchuan earthquake.
Cheng Y, Xu J, Ma J, Cheng S, Shi Y.

Analysis of rehabilitation needs, measures taken, and their effectiveness for the wounded following the Wenchuan Earthquake.
Li Y, Pan F, Li Y.

A comparative study on earthquake-related literature published in medical journals.
Li Y, Wen J, Du L, Gao Z, Li L, Chen Q, Liu X, Cai Y, Ai C.

Investigation into the practice of ensuring a steady blood supply for medical rescue during the Wenchuan Earthquake.
Yi M.

Preparation and response of medical and health institutions when energy flow is interrupted and infrastructure is damaged.
Li Q, Wu X, Bai H, Chen H, Yang D, Li S, Duan L, Zhu R, Zhu H, Yao J, Xu Z, Mao S, Yang W.

Review for renewal--lessons and thoughts from Wenchuan earthquake medical rescue.
Chen Z.

Analysis of the rescue patterns and procedures of foreign medical teams following the Wenchuan earthquake.
Jiang H, Dai XZ.

Design and application of the emergency response mobile phone-based information system for infectious disease reporting in the Wenchuan earthquakezone.
Ma J, Zhou M, Li Y, Guo Y, Su X, Qi X, Ge H.

Phase report of medical treatment in Sichuan Province, China after the Wenchuan earthquake.
Dai X, Shen J, Zhao W, Jiao Y, Jiang H.

Healthcare response. Editorial.
Clarke M, Li Y.

Emergency response and medical rescue in the worst hit Mianyang areas after the Wenchuan earthquake.
Lei BL, Zhou Y, Zhu Y, Huang XY, Han SR, Ma Q, He J, Li YQ.

Analysis of 1856 inpatients and 33 deaths in the West China Hospital of Sichuan University from the Wenchuan earthquake.
Xie J, Du L, Xia T, Wang M, Diao X, Li Y.

Strategic supporting role of a regional state-level hospital during medical rescue after Wenchuan earthquake.
Shi YK, Zheng SW.

Evidence Aid--from the Asian tsunami to the Wenchuan earthquake.
Clarke M.

Investigation and recommendations concerning prevention and treatment of infectious diseases and promotion of hygiene in earthquake-stricken areas.
Zeng G.