Topics in Cognitive Science

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Recent Articles Published in topiCS

Introduction: Philosophy in and Philosophy of Cognitive Science
Andrew Brook

The Part of Cognitive Science That Is Philosophy
Daniel C. Dennett

Why Cognitive Science Needs Philosophy and Vice Versa
Paul Thagard

Less Is More: A Minimalist Account of Joint Action in Communication
Hadas Shintel, Boaz Keysar Partner-Specific

Adaptation in Dialog
Susan E. Brennan, Joy E. Hanna

Joint Action, Interactive Alignment, and Dialog
Simon Garrod, Martin J. Pickering

Conversation and Coordinative Structures
Kevin Shockley, Daniel C. Richardson, Rick Dale

Social Connection Through Joint Action and Interpersonal Coordination
Kerry L. Marsh, Michael J. Richardson, R. C. Schmidt

Joint Action: Neurocognitive Mechanisms Supporting Human Interaction
Harold Bekkering, Ellen R. A. de Bruijn, Raymond H. Cuijpers, Roger Newman-Norlund, Hein T. van Schie, Ruud Meulenbroek

Prediction in Joint Action: What, When, and Where
Natalie Sebanz, Guenther Knoblich

Contrasting the Social Cognition of Humans and Nonhuman Apes: The Shared Intentionality Hypothesis
Josep Call

Just How Joint Is Joint Action in Infancy?
Malinda Carpenter

Experimental Semiotics: A New Approach for Studying Communication as a Form of Joint Action
Bruno Galantucci

Collective Behavior
Robert L. Goldstone, Todd M. Gureckis

Web-Based Experiments for the Study of Collective Social Dynamics in Cultural
Markets Matthew J. Salganik, Duncan J. Watts

Collective Information Processing and Pattern Formation in Swarms, Flocks, and Crowds
Mehdi Moussaid, Simon Garnier, Guy Theraulaz, Dirk Helbing

Social Optimization in the Presence of Cognitive Local Optima: Effects of Social Network Topology and Interaction Mode
James Kennedy

Modeling the Emergence of Language as an Embodied Collective Cognitive Activity
Edwin Hutchins, Christine M. Johnson

Constructing a Philosophy of Science of Cognitive Science
William Bechtel

A Philosopher's Reflections on the Discovery of Mirror Neurons
Pierre Jacob

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