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Edited By: Steve Long

Impact Factor: 4.248

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Online ISSN: 1757-1707

Associated Title(s): Global Change Biology

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Top 10 Papers Contributing to the 2011 Impact Factor

Changes in soil organic carbon under biofuel crops
Anderson-Teixeira, KJ; Davis, SC; Masters, MD; Delucia, EH

The development of MISCANFOR, a new Miscanthus crop growth model: towards more robust yield predictions under different climatic and soil conditions
Hastings, A; Clifton-Brown, J; Wattenbach, M; Mitchell, P; Smith, P

The ecology and agronomy of Miscanthus sinensis, a species important to bioenergy crop development, in its native range in Japan: a review
Stewart, JR; Toma, Y; Fernandez, FG; Nishiwaki, A; Yamada, T; Bollero, G

Future energy potential of Miscanthus in Europe
Hastings, A; Clifton-Brown, J; Wattenbach, M; Mitchell, CP; Stampfl, P; Smith, P

Seasonal nitrogen dynamics of Miscanthus x giganteus and Panicum virgatum
Heaton, EA; Dohleman, FG; Long, SP

Terrestrial carbon-cycle feedback to climate warming: experimental evidence on plant regulation and impacts of biofuel feedstock harvest
Luo, YQ; Sherry, R; Zhou, XH; Wan, SQ

Is biofuel policy harming biodiversity in Europe?
Eggers, J; Troltzsch, K; Falcucci, A; Maiorano, L; Verburg, PH; Framstad, E; Louette, G; Maes, D; Nagy, S; Ozinga, WA; Delbaere, B

Enzymatic deconstruction of xylan for biofuel production
Dodd, D; Cann, IKO

The impacts of Miscanthus x giganteus production on the Midwest US hydrologic cycle
Vanloocke, A; Bernacchi, CJ; Twine, TE

Genetic modification in cellulose-synthase reduces crystallinity and improves biochemical conversion to fermentable sugar
Harris, D; Stork, J; Debolt, S