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Associated Title(s): Global Change Biology

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Issue 6:2 Supply and Demand Special Issue Round Up
In GCB-Bioenergy's Special Issue Round Up Podcast, we explore supply and demand of bioenergy in Great Britain with University of Aberdeen Professor Pete Smith. Access the podcast here!

Miscanthus Virtual Special Issue Podcast
In GCB-Bioenergy's Virtual Special Issue on Miscanthus podcast, we explore the environmental impacts of the bioenergy crop with the guest editor of the journal, University of Illinois Associate Professor Tom Voigt. Access the Podcast here!

Issue 6:1 Round Up
In GCB-Bioenergy's January Issue Round Up Podcast, we explore three featured articles. The first article looks at the long term yields of two bioenergy crops, Miscanthus and Switchgrass. In our second article, we're looking at how researchers are investigating using broken foliage to develop bioenergy. And for our last article, we look at how large scale planting of biofuel crops could increase the production of disease-carrying mosquitos. Access the Podcast here!

Issue 5:6 Round Up
In GCB-Bioenergy's November Issue Round Up Podcast, we explore three featured articles. The first article looks at how climate change will affect switchgrass, the second article explores the environmental impacts of planting this grass on a large scale, and the last article examines management techniques for bioenergy crop growth and how some of these techniques can help reduce environmental impacts.

Issue 5:5 Round Up
In GCB-Bioenergy's September Issue Round Up Podcast, we explore three featured articles. The first article aims at increasing the use of bioenergy in China, the world’s second largest energy consumer. And in our last article, we look into how researchers are trying to domesticate a bioenergy crop, Miscanthus, so that it can be more productive.

Issue 5:4 Round Up
In GCB-Bioenergy's first Issue Round Up Podcast, we explore three featured articles from our July issue. The first article deals with the 'carbon neutrality' of burning biomass. In it, the author concludes that assuming burning biomass is carbon neutral leads to incorrect green house gas accounts. The second article focuses on how the mass planting of bioenergy crops will affect the atmosphere . Our third article however, focuses on one bioenergy crop in particular: Miscanthus. The article looks into how productive Miscanthus would be in the U.S., and it also addresses the environmental impact of planting the crop.

The Ethics of Biofuels
Professor Joyce Tait, Chair of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics Working Party on Biofuels, and Scientific Adviser to the Innogen Centre at Edinburgh University, discusses the Council’s proposed development of a comprehensive ethical standard for biofuels. Professor Tait is interviewed by Jody Endres, a senior attorney at the Energy Biosciences Institute at the University of Illinois.

Switchgrass improves Soil Quality

Marty Schmer and Mark Liebig talk about how switchgrass managed for bioenergy production can improve soil quality in the Great Plains of the United States.

The potential for Agave

Bioenergy analyst, Sarah Davis, discusses the potential for Agave, which is unique feedstock because of its ability to survive in poor soil and without water between rainfalls, to be used as a sustainable biofuel feedstock.