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Edited By: Kenneth N. Timmis, Martin Polz, Paola Bonfante, Rachel Whitaker, Thomas K. Wood, Jay Lennon, Volker Müller, Frank Stewart, Julie Huber and Juan L. Ramos. Genomics Update Editor: Michael Galperin

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Associated Title(s): Environmental Microbiology

Chief Editor's Choice Articles Volumes 2 and 3

Intestinal and chronic infections: Salmonella lifestyles in hostile environments
Andreas J. Bäumler, Sebastian E. Winter, Parameth Thiennimitr and Josep Casadesús

Bacterial tactic response to silver nanoparticles
José-Julio Ortega-Calvo, Rodrigo Molina, Celia Jimenez-Sanchez, Peter J. Dobson and Ian P. Thompson

Characterization of reptile-associated Borrelia sp. in the vector tick, Amblyomma geoemydae, and its association with Lyme disease and relapsing fever Borreliaspp.
Ai Takano, Hiromi Fujita, Teruki Kadosaka, Satoru Konnai, Tomoko Tajima, Haruo Watanabe, Makoto Ohnishi and Hiroki Kawabata

Specific localization of the c-type cytochrome OmcZ at the anode surface in current-producing biofilms of Geobacter sulfurreducens
Kengo Inoue, Ching Leang, Ashley E. Franks, Trevor L. Woodard, Kelly P. Nevin and Derek R. Lovley

Multicellular photo-magnetotactic bacteria
Orr H. Shapiro, Roland Hatzenpichler, Daniel H. Buckley, Stephen H. Zinder and Victoria J. Orphan

Globally disseminated human pathogenic Escherichia coli of O25b-ST131 clone, harbouring blaCTX-M-15, found in Glaucous-winged gull at remote Commander Islands, Russia
Jorge Hernandez, Jonas Bonnedahl, Ingvar Eliasson, Anders Wallensten, Pär Comstedt, Anders Johansson, Susanne Granholm, Åsa Melhus, Björn Olsen, Mirva Drobni

Engineering of new prodigiosin-based biosensors of Serratia for facile detection of short-chain N-acyl homoserine lactone quorum-sensing molecules
Simon Poulter, Timothy M. Carlton1, Xianbin Su, David R. Spring, George P. C. Salmond

Reductive dechlorination of 2-chlorophenol by Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans with an electrode serving as the electron donor
Sarah M. Strycharz, Sarah M. Gannon, Amber R. Boles, Ashley E. Franks, Kelly P. Nevin, Derek R. Lovley

A preliminary study of the epidemiological factors related to honey bee colony loss in Spain
Mariano Higes, Raquel Martín-Hernández, Amparo Martínez-Salvador, Encarna Garrido-Bailón, Amelia Virginia González-Porto, Aránzazu Meana, José Luis Bernal, Maria Jesús Del Nozal, José Bernal

Multiple scales of diversification within natural populations of archaea in hydrothermal chimney biofilms
William J. Brazelton, Mitchell L. Sogin, John A. Baross

Functional genomics to identify therapeutic prophylactic targets
Christian G. Frank, José A Bengoechea

Pseudomonas putida KT2440 causes induced systemic resistance and changes in Arabidopsis root exudation
Miguel A. Matilla, Juan L. Ramos, Peter A.H.M. Bakker, Rogier Doornbos, Dayakar V. Badri, Jorge M. Vivanco, María Isabel Ramos-González

Biosurfactants in plant–Pseudomonas interactions and their importance to biocontrol
Jolien D'aes, Katrien De Maeyer, Ellen Pauwelyn, Monica Höfte

Biological ‘glue’ and ‘Velcro’: molecular tools for adhesion and biofilm formation in the hairy and gluey bug Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Caroline Giraud, Christophe Bernard, Ségolène Ruer, Sophie De Bentzmann

Temporal and differential regulation of expression of the eukaryotic-like ankyrin effectors of Legionella pneumophila
Souhaila Al-Khodor, Tasneem Al-Quadan, Yousef Abu Kwaik

CTX-M-15-type extended-spectrum beta-lactamases-producing Escherichia coli from wild birds in Germany
Sebastian Guenther, Mirjam Grobbel, Janine Beutlich, Astrid Bethe, Nicole D. Friedrich, Andreas Goedecke, Antina Lübke-Becker, Beatriz Guerra, Lothar H. Wieler, Christa Ewers

First report of viral infections that affect argentine honeybees
Francisco José Reynaldi, Guillermo Hernán Sguazza, Marcelo Ricardo Pecoraro, Marco Andrés Tizzano, Cecilia Mónica Galosi

Malyngolide from the cyanobacterium Lyngbya majuscula interferes with quorum sensing circuitry
Sergey Dobretsov, Max Teplitski, Ali Alagely, Sarath P. Gunasekera, Valerie J. Paul