Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Developmental Biology

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Edited By: John C. Gerhart (University of California, Berkeley), Alexandra L. Joyner (Sloan-Kettering Institute), Eric F. Wieschaus (Princeton University)

Impact Factor: 4.185

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2016: 6/41 (Developmental Biology)

Online ISSN: 1759-7692


The award-winning WIREs (Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews) series combines some of the most powerful features of encyclopedic reference works and review journals in an innovative online format. They are designed to promote a cross-disciplinary research ethos while maintaining the highest scientific and presentational standards, but should be viewed first and foremost as evolving online databases of cutting-edge reviews.

WIREs Developmental Biology

  • An important new forum to promote cross-disciplinary discussion, published in association with the Society for Developmental Biology
  • An authoritative, encyclopedic resource addressing key topics from the perspectives of cell and molecular biology, stem cell biology, plant biology, evolutionary biology, anatomy, physiology, and neuroscience
  • Content is fully citable, qualifying for abstracting, indexing, and ISI ranking

For more information, please go to wires.wiley.com/devbio.

Aims and Scope

Developmental biology is concerned with the fundamental question of how a single cell, the fertilized egg, ultimately produces a complex, fully patterned adult organism. This problem is studied on many different biological levels, from the molecular to the organismal. Developed in association with the Society for Developmental Biology, WIREs Developmental Biology will provide a unique interdisciplinary forum dedicated to fostering excellence in research and education and communicating key advances in this important field. The collaborative and integrative ethos of the WIREs model will facilitate connections to related disciplines such as genetics, systems biology, bioengineering, and psychology.

The topical coverage of WIREs Developmental Biology includes: Establishment of Spatial and Temporal Patterns; Gene Expression and Transcriptional Hierarchies; Signaling Pathways; Early Embryonic Development; Invertebrate Organogenesis; Vertebrate Organogenesis; Nervous System Development; Birth Defects; Adult Stem Cells, Tissue Renewal and Regeneration; Cell Types and Issues Specific to Plants; Comparative Development and Evolution; and Technologies.


Each WIREs title was established in response to the urgent need to publish current, comprehensive reviews of the pioneering research that is being done in an interdisciplinary and complementary set of fields. Reviews are structured into different Article Types, each with its own description and intended audience.

Our goal is to support the research and teaching needs of advanced students, scientists, healthcare providers, governmental and policy analysts, and other professionals in these rapidly developing areas with article types catered to different readers, collections on hot topics, and freely available PowerPoint downloads of each article’s figures.

Additionally, Wiley participates in the Research4Life initiative, which provides people at more than 7,700 institutions in the developing world with free or low cost access to scientific content.

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