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Paper of the Month

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July 2014
Revelation of fibroblast protein commonalities and differences and their possible roles in wound healing and tumourigenesis using co-culture models of cells
Karla Jarkovska, Barbora Dvorankova, Petr Halada, Ondrej Kodet, Pavol Szabo, Suresh Jivan Gadher, Jan Motlik, Hana Kovarova and Karel Smetana Jr.

June 2014
Dynamin 2 regulates actin-mediated spindle migration in mouse oocytes
Qiao-Chu Wang, Jun Liu, Zhen-Bo Wang, Yu Zhang, Xing Duan, Xiang-Shun Cui, Nam-Hyung Kim and Shao-Chen Sun

May 2014
Recruitment of HP1β to UVA-induced DNA lesions is independent of radiation-induced changes in A-type lamins
Petra Sehnalová, Soňa Legartová, Dušan Cmarko, Stanislav Kozubek and Eva Bártová

April 2014
H2B ubiquitylation modulates spliceosome assembly and function in budding yeast
Lucas Hérissant, Erica A. Moehle, Diego Bertaccini, Alain Van Dorsselaer, Christine Schaeffer-Reiss, Christine Guthrie and Catherine Dargemont

March 2014
A novel mitochondrial nuclease-associated protein: A major executor of the programmed nuclear death in Tetrahymena thermophila
Eriko Osada, Takahiko Akematsu, Tomoya Asano and Hiroshi Endoh

February 2014
Culturing muscle fibres in hanging drop: A novel approach to solve an old problem
Karolina Archacka, Michela Pozzobon, Andrea Repele, Carlo Alberto Rossi, Michelangelo Campanella and Paolo De Coppi

January 2014
Regulation of PKD1-mediated Golgi to cell surface trafficking by Gαq subunits
A. Soledad Coria, M. Luján Masseroni and Alberto M. Díaz Añel

December 2013
Cadmium disorganises the scaffolding of gap and tight junction proteins in the hepatic cell line WIF B9
Sylviane Boucherie, Catherine Decaens, Jean-Marc Verbavatz, Brigitte Grosse, Marie Erard, Fabienne Merola, Doris Cassio and Laurent Combettes

November 2013
Dynamics of Polycomb chromatin domains under conditions of increased molecular crowding
Jana Šmigová, Pavel Juda, Eva Bártová and Ivan Raška

October 2013
The mitogen-inducible gene-6 is involved in regulation of cellular senescence in normal diploid fibroblasts
Bushan Xie, Lin Zhao, Hao Chen, Bo Jin, Zebin Mao and Zhi Yao

September 2013
MED1101: A new dialdehydic compound regulating P2×7 receptor cell surface expression in U937 cells
Stefania Muzzachi, Antonella Blasi, Elena Ciani, Maria Favia, Rosa A. Cardone, Domenico Marzulli, Stephan J. Reshkin, Giulia Merizzi, Valeria Casavola, Antonio Soleti and Lorenzo Guerra

August 2013
Nuclear MMP-9 role in the regulation of rat skeletal myoblasts proliferation
Malgorzata Zimowska, Marta Swierczynska and Maria A. Ciemerych

July 2013
First identification of Ewing's sarcoma-derived extracellular vesicles and exploration of their biological and potential diagnostic implications
Isabella V. Miller, Graca Raposo, Ulrich Welsch, Olivia Prazeres da Costa, Uwe Thiel, Maria Lebar, Martina Maurer, Hans-Ulrich Bender, Irene von Luettichau, Günther H. S. Richter, Stefan Burdach and Thomas G. P. Grunewald

June 2013
Inflammatory environment induces gingival tissue-specific mesenchymal stem cells to differentiate towards a pro-fibrotic phenotype
Nan Li, Na Liu, Jun Zhou, Liang Tang, Bofu Ding, Yinzhong Duan and Yan Jin

May 2013
PNPLA3/adiponutrin functions in lipid droplet formation
Zeina Chamoun, Fabrizio Vacca, Robert G. Parton and Jean Gruenberg

April 2013
Interleukin-1β enhances cell migration through AP-1 and NF-κB pathway-dependent FGF2 expression in human corneal endothelial cells
Jeong Goo Lee and Martin Heur

March 2013
The Kin1 kinase and the calcineurin phosphatase cooperate to link actin ring assembly and septum synthesis in fission yeast
Angela Cadou, Anne Couturier, Cathy Le Goff, Linfeng Xie, James R. Paulson and Xavier Le Goff

February 2013
The tumour suppressor DiRas3 interacts with C-RAF and downregulates MEK activity to restrict cell migration
Mirko Klingauf, Matthias Beck, Ulrich Berge, Yagmur Turgay, Stephan Heinzer, Peter Horvath and Ruth Kroschewski

January 2013
Extracellular matrix rigidity controls podosome induction in microvascular endothelial cells
Amélie Juin, Emmanuelle Planus, Fabien Guillemot, Petra Horakova, Corinne Albiges-Rizo, Elisabeth Génot, Jean Rosenbaum, Violaine Moreau and Frédéric Saltel

December 2012
Upregulation of IL-6, IL-8 and CXCL-1 production in dermal fibroblasts by normal/malignant epithelial cells in vitro: Immunohistochemical and transcriptomic analyses
Michal Kolář et al.

November 2012
MicroRNA signature in various cell types of mouse spermatogenesis: Evidence for stage-specifically expressed miRNA-221, -203 and -34b-5p mediated spermatogenesis regulation
Lukasz Smorag, Ying Zheng, Jessica Nolte1, Ulrich Zechner, Wolfgang Engel, Dasaradha Venkata Krishna Pantakani

October 2012
Enhanced Wnt/β-catenin signalling during tooth morphogenesis impedes cell differentiation and leads to alterations in the structure and mineralisation of the adult tooth
Maitane Aurrekoetxea, Jon Lopez, Patricia García, Gaskon Ibarretxe, Fernando Unda

September 2012
Retinoic acid-dependent control of MAP kinase phosphatase-3 is necessary for early kidney development in Xenopus
Ronan Le Bouffant, Jian-Hong Wang, Mélinée Futel, Isabelle Buisson, Muriel Umbhauer and Jean-François Riou

August 2012
ROCK1 and ROCK2 regulate epithelial polarisation and geometric cell shape
Ruba Kalaji, Ann P. Wheeler, Jennifer C. Erasmus, Sang Y. Lee, Robert G. Endres, Louise P. Cramer, Vania M.M. Braga

July 2012
R-SNARE ykt6 resides in membrane-associated protease-resistant protein particles and modulates cell cycle progression when over-expressed
Nandhakumar Thayanidhi, Yingjian Liang, Haruki Hasegawa, Deborah C. Nycz, Viola Oorschot, Judith Klumperman, Jesse C. Hay

June 2012
Cell death, non-invasively assessed by intrinsic fluorescence intensity of NADH, is a predictive indicator of functional differentiation of embryonic stem cells
David G. Buschke, Jayne M. Squirrell, Jimmy J. Fong, Kevin W. Eliceiri, Brenda M. Ogle

May 2012
A role for microtubules in endothelial cell protrusion in three-dimensional matrices
Gabriel G. Martins, John Kolega

April 2012
Clathrin-mediated endocytosis regulates occludin, and not focal adhesion, distribution during epithelial wound healing
Sarah J. Fletcher, Natalie S. Poulter, Elizabeth J. Haining, Joshua Z. Rappoport

March 2012
Regulation of the nucleocytoplasmic trafficking of viral and cellular proteins by ubiquitin and small ubiquitin-related modifiers
Yao E. Wang, Olivier Pernet and Benhur Lee

February 2012
Rab30 is required for the morphological integrity of the Golgi apparatus
Eoin E. Kelly, Francesca Giordano, Conor P. Horgan, Florence Jollivet, Graça Raposo, Mary W. McCaffrey

January 2012
Intracellular trafficking of RNASET2, a novel component of P-bodies
Laura Vidalino, Laura Monti, Albrecht Haase, Albertomaria Moro, Francesco Acquati, Roberto Taramelli, Paolo Macchi

December 2011
The Golgi apparatus in the endomembrane-rich gastric parietal cells exist as functional stable mini-stacks dispersed throughout the cytoplasm
Priscilla A. Gunn, Briony L. Gliddon, Sarah L. Londrigan, Andrew M. Lew, Ian R. van Driel and Paul A. Gleeson

November 2011
The proteome of cytosolic lipid droplets isolated from differentiated Caco-2/TC7 enterocytes reveals cell-specific characteristics
Julien Bouchoux, Frauke Beilstein, Thomas Pauquai, I. Chiara Guerrera, Danielle Chateau, Nathalie Ly, Malik Alqub, Christophe Klein, Jean Chambaz, Monique Rousset, Jean-Marc Lacorte, Etienne Morel and Sylvie Demignot

October 2011
Intraflagellar transport proteins in ciliogenesis of photoreceptor cells
Tina Sedmak and Uwe Wolfrum

September 2011
The site of RanGTP generation can act as an organizational cue for mitotic microtubules
Julia Zonis and Andrew Wilde

August 2011
Acute changes in temperature or oxygen availability induce ROS fluctuations in Daphnia magna linked with fluctuations of reduced and oxidized glutathione, catalase activity and gene (haemoglobin) expression
Dörthe Becker, Benjamin F. Brinkmann, Bettina Zeis and Rüdiger J. Paul

July 2011
Syntaxin 17 cycles between the ER and ERGIC and is required to maintain the architecture of ERGIC and Golgi
Madhavi Muppirala, Vijay Gupta and Ghanshyam Swarup

June 2011
Agrin triggers the clustering of raft-associated acetylcholine receptors through actin cytoskeleton reorganization
Annie Cartaud, Françoise Stetzkowski-Marden, Agathe Maoui and Jean Cartaud

May 2011
Mouse 3T3 fibroblasts under the influence of fibroblasts isolated from stroma of human basal cell carcinoma acquire properties of multipotent stem cells
Pavol Szabó, Michal Kolář, Barbora Dvořánková, Lukáš Lacina, Jiří Štork, Čestmír Vlček, Hynek Strnad, Miroslav Tvrdek and Karel Smetana

April 2011
ARAP1 association with CIN85 affects epidermal growth factor receptor endocytic trafficking
Hye-Young Yoon, Stephen C. Kales, Ruibai Luo, Stanley Lipkowitz and Paul A. Randazzo

March 2011
Nuclear spectrin-like proteins are structural actin-binding proteins in plants
Clara Pérez-Munive and Susana Moreno Díaz de la Espina

February 2011
CDC25B associates with a centrin 2-containing complex and is involved in maintaining centrosome integrity
Rose Boutros, Corinne Lorenzo, Odile Mondesert, Alain Jauneau, Vanessa Oakes, Christine Dozier, Brian Gabrielli and Bernard Ducommun

January 2011
Expression of CtBP family protein isoforms in breast cancer and their role in chemoresistance
Charles N. Birts, Rachael Harding, Gehan Soosaipillai, Trisha Halder, Ali Azim-Araghi, Matthew Darley, Ramsey I. Cutress, Adrian C. Bateman and Jeremy P. Blaydes