Transfusion Alternatives in Transfusion Medicine

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Edited By: Professor Konrad Messmer

Online ISSN: 1778-428X

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Network for Advancement of Transfusion Alternatives

What is NATA?
NATA is the Network for Advancement of Transfusion Alternatives. It is an international network of medical practitioners, researchers, and opinion leaders from a wide variety of medical and scientific disciplines who are dedicated to helping their peers learn more about recent advances in blood conservation and transfusion alternatives.

NATA's primary goal is to provide education in the field of transfusion medicine, with a specific focus on transfusion alternatives.   To promote its primary goal, NATA concentrates on:

  • Promoting better use of blood products and transfusion alternatives in everyday clinical practice.

  • Sharing experience and information within and among health care teams.

This idea sprung from the dynamic cooperation of a group of anesthetists, surgeons, and blood bankers concerned with blood conservation techniques.

NATA was founded in Graz, Austria, in April 1998. Today, NATA consists of world-renowned experts in the field of blood conservation in surgery and medicine, as well as lawyers specializing in medical law and medical ethicists.


  • NATA encourages an open exchange of medical information and scientific data.

  • NATA is working with a new, fully independent, and multidisciplinary approach to educating medical professionals about transfusion alternatives

  • Because our members interact closely with patients in a variety of clinical settings, NATA focuses on providing practical solutions, not just learned discourse.

  • By disseminating high-level scientific data on a wide spectrum of transfusion-related topics, NATA maintains a broad perspective on recent developments in transfusion medicine and transfusion alternatives.