Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health

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Virtual Issues

Sexual Behavior After Adolescence

With good reason, researchers and program planners working toward ways to reduce risky behaviors have long focused predominantly on adolescents. But the need goes beyond the teenage years, and a new body of literature on sexual behavior after adolescence is taking shape. This “virtual issue” of Perspectives draws together relevant research on the topic, to help identify the issues, the knowledge gaps and potential direction for future study.

Cultural Measures Associated with Sexual Risk Behaviors Among Latino Youth in Southern California: A Longitudinal Study
Davida Becker, James P. Thing, Lourdes Baezconde-Garbanati, Seth J. Schwartz, Daniel W. Soto and Jennifer B. Unger

Correlates of Adolescent and Young Adult Sexual Initiation Patterns
Bianka M. Reese, Sophia Choukas-Bradley, Amy H. Herring and Carolyn T. Halpern

Relationship Types and Contraceptive Use Within Young Adult Dating Relationships
Jennifer Manlove, Kate Welti, Elizabeth Wildsmith and Megan Barry

Union Status and Sexual Risk Behavior Among Men in Their 30s

Nan Marie Astone, Joseph H. Pleck, Jacinda M. Dariotis, Arik V. Marcell, Mark Emerson, Samuel Shapiro and Freya L. Sonenstein

Relationship Characteristics and Feelings About Pregnancy Among Black and Puerto Rican Young Adults
Marion Carter, Joan M. Kraft, Linda Hock-Long and Kendra Hatfield-Timajchy

Invisible and at Risk: STDs Among Young Adult Sexual Minority Women in the United States
Lisa L. Lindley, Katrina M. Walsemann and Jarvis W. Carter Jr.

Prevalence of and Characteristics Associated with Use Of Withdrawal Among Women in Victoria, Australia
Jason Ong, Meredith Temple-Smith, William Wong, Kathleen McNamee and Christopher Fairley

Intimate Partner Violence and Anal Intercourse In Young Adult Heterosexual Relationships
Kristen L. Hess, Marjan Javanbakht, Joelle M. Brown, Robert E. Weiss Professor, Paul Hsu and Pamina M. Gorbach

Young Women's Perceptions of the Benefits Of Childbearing: Associations with Contraceptive Use and Pregnancy

Corinne H. Rocca, Cynthia C. Harper and Tina R. Raine-Bennett

Effectiveness of a Brief Curriculum to Promote Condom and Health Care Use Among Out-of-School Young Adult Males
Arik V. Marcell, Elizabeth Allan, Eric A. Clay, Catherine Watson and Freya L. Sonenstein

Racial and Ethnic Variation in Unmarried Young Adults’ Motivation to Avoid Pregnancy

Sarah R. Hayford and Karen Benjamin Guzzo

Associations Between Patterns of Emerging Sexual Behavior and Young Adult
Reproductive Health

Abigail A. Haydon, Amy H. Herring and Carolyn Tucker Halpern

Pregnancy Ambivalence and Contraceptive Use Among Young Adults in the United States
Jenny A. Higgins, Ronna A. Popkin and John S. Santelli

Tweeting About Testing: Do Low-Income, Parenting Adolescents And Young Adults Use New Media Technologies To Communicate About Sexual Health?
Zai Divecha, Anna Divney, Jeannette Ickovics, Trace Kershaw

Young Adults' Contraceptive Knowledge, Norms and Attitudes: Associations with Risk Of Unintended Pregnancy
Jennifer J. Frost, Laura Duberstein Lindberg, Lawrence B. Finer

STD and HIV Risk Factors Among U.S. Young Adults: Variations by Gender, Race, Ethnicity and Sexual Orientation
Sanyu A. Mojola and Bethany Everett

Missed Conceptions or Misconceptions: Perceived Infertility Among Unmarried Young Adults In the United States
Chelsea Bernhardt Polis, Laurie Schwab Zabin

STD and HIV Testing Behaviors Among Black And Puerto Rican Young Adults
Marion W. Carter, Joan Marie Kraft, Kendra Hatfield-Timajchy, Linda Hock-Long, Matthew Hogben

Patterns and Correlates of Same-Sex Sexual Activity Among U.S. Teenagers and
Young Adults

Janice McCabe, Karin L. Brewster, Kathryn Harker Tillman

Bacterial STDs and Perceived Risk Among Sexual Minority Young Adults
Christine E. Kaestle, Martha W. Waller

Risky Adolescent Sexual Behaviors and Reproductive Health in Young Adulthood
Mindy E. Scott, Elizabeth Wildsmith, Kate Welti, Suzanne Ryan, Erin Schelar, Nicole R. Steward-Streng

Relationship Characteristics and Contraceptive Use Among Young Adults
Jennifer Manlove, Kate Welti, Megan Barry, Kristen Peterson, Erin Schelar and Elizabeth Wildsmith

Childhood Abuse and Neglect and the Risk of STDs In Early Adulthood
Abigail A. Haydon, Jon M. Hussey, Carolyn Tucker Halpern

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Sexual Risk Behaviors And STDs During Young Men’s Transition to Adulthood
Jacinda K. Dariotis, Frangiscos Sifakis, Joseph H. Pleck, Nan M. Astone, Freya L. Sonenstein

Heterosexual Anal Sex Experiences Among Puerto Rican and Black Young Adults
Marion Carter, Dare Henry-Moss, Linda Hock-Long, Anna Bergdall, Karen Andes

History of Forced Sex and Recent Sexual Risk Indicators Among Young Adult Males
Laureen H. Smith, Jodi Ford

The Contexts of Sexual Involvement and Concurrent Sexual Partnerships
Anthony Paik

Casual Sex and Psychological Health Among Young Adults: Is Having “Friends with Benefits” Emotionally Damaging?
Marla E. Eisenberg, Diann M. Ackard, Michael D. Resnick, Dianne Neumark-Sztainer

Sexual Risk-Taking Among Adult Dating Couples in the United States
John O. G. Billy, William R. Grady Morgan E. Sill

Sexual Insistence and Disliked Sexual Activities in Young Adulthood: Differences by Gender and Relationship Characteristics
Christine Elizabeth Kaestle

Changes in Sexual Risk Behavior as Young Men Transition to Adulthood
Jacinda K. Dariotis, Freya L. Sonenstein, Gary J. Gates, Randy Capps, Nan M. Astone, Joseph H. Pleck, Frangiscos Sifakis, Scott Zeger

Sexual Behavior of Single Adult American Women
Laura Duberstein Lindberg, Susheela Singh

What’s Love Got to Do with It? Sexual Behaviors of Opposite-Sex Couples Through Emerging Adulthood
Christine Elizabeth Kaestle, Carolyn Tucker Halpern