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Editor's Choice
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March 2017
Analytic and quality control validation and assessment of field performance of a point-of-care chemistry analyzer for use in the White rhinoceros
Hooijberg EH, Steenkamp G, du Preez JP, Goddard A

Clinical pathology of amphibians: a review
Forzán MJ, Heatley J, Russell KE, Horney B

December 2016
Laboratory tests for diagnosing and monitoring canine leishmaniasis
Saverio Paltrinieri, Luigi Gradoni, Xavier Roura, Andrea Zatelli and Eric Zini

Sensitivity and specificity of normality tests and consequences on reference interval accuracy at small sample size: a computer-simulation study Kevin Le Boedec

September 2016
Measurement of proteinuria in dogs: analytic and diagnostic differences using 2 laboratory methods
Rossi G, Bertazzolo W, Binnella M, Scarpa P, Paltrinieri S

Quality requirements for veterinary hematology analyzers in small animals—a survey about veterinary experts’ requirements and objective evaluation of analyzer performance based on a meta-analysis of method validation studies: bench top hematology analyzer
Cook AM, Moritz A, Freeman KP, Bauer N

June 2016
Impact of menstruation on select hematology and clinical chemistry variables in cynomolgus macaques
Perigard CJ, Parrula MCM, Larkin MH, Gleason CR

Xenotransfusion of anemic cats with blood compatibility issues: pre- and post-transfusion laboratory diagnostic and crossmatching studies
Euler CC, Raj K, Mizukami K, Murray L, Chen C-Y, Mackin A, Giger U

March 2016
Renal biomarkers in domestic species
Jessica A. Hokamp and Mary B. Nabity

Evaluation of hematologic composition in newborn C57/BL6 mice up to day 35
Jessica R. White, Huiyu Gong, Tarah T. Colaizy, Jessica G. Moreland, Heather Flaherty andSteven J. McElroy

December 2015
Reticulocyte hemoglobin content does not differentiate true from functional iron deficiency in dogs
Radakovich LB, Santangelo KS, Olver CS

Development and application of multiple immunofluorescence staining for diagnostic cytology of canine and feline lymphoma
Sawa M, Yabuki A, Setoguchi A, Yamato O

September 2015
Dog erythrocyte antigen 1: mode of inheritance and initial characterization
Polak K, Acierno MM, Raj K, Mizukami K, Siegel DL, Giger U

Longitudinal studies of cardiac troponin I concentrations in serum from male cynomolgus monkeys: resting values and effects of oral and intravenous dosing on biologic variability
Schultze AE, Anderson JM, Kern TG, Justus RW, Cindy Lee H-Y, Zieske LR, Goodson RJ, Florey SH

June 2015

Reducing error in feline platelet enumeration by addition of Iloprost to blood specimens: comparison to prostaglandin E1 and EDTA.
Tvedten HW, Bäcklund K, Lilliehöök IE

Interleukin-6 as a prognostic marker in dogs in an intensive care unit.
Schüttler J, Neumann S

March 2015

The preanalytic phase in veterinary clinical pathology
Jean-Pierre Braun, Nathalie Bourgès-Abella, Anne Geffré, Didier Concordet, Cathy Trumel

Reticulocytosis in nonanemic dogs: increasing prevalence and potential etiologies
Kimberly M. Pattullo, Beverly A. Kidney, Susan M. Taylor, Marion L. Jackson

December 2014

Reporting and interpreting red cell morphology: is there discordance between clinical pathologists and clinicians?
Newman AW, Rishniw M, Behling-Kell E

Clinical utility of serum biochemical variables for predicting acid-base balance in critically ill horses
Stämpfli HR, Schoster A, Constable PD

September 2014

Development and analytical validation of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the measurement of feline tumor necrosis factor α in serum
Steiner JM, Xenoulis PG, Schwierk VM, Suchodolski JS

Increases in beta-lipoproteins in hyperlipidemic and dyslipidemic dogs are associated with increased erythrocyte osmotic fragility
Behling-Kelly E, Collins-Cronkright R

June 2014

figure from Editor's Choice manuscript

Validation of Sysmex XT-2000iV generated quantitative bone marrow differential counts in untreated Wistar rats
Criswell KA,Bock JH, Wildeboer SE, Johnson K, Giovanelli RP

Comparison of the Sysmex XT-2000iV and microscopic bone marrow differential counts in Wistar rats treated with cyclophosphamide, erythropoietin, or serial phlebotomy
Criswell KA, Bock JH, Wildeboer SE, Johnson K, Giovanelli RP

March 2014

figure from manuscript

Hematologic and biochemical variables of hedgehogs (Erinaceus europaeus) after overwintering in rehabilitation centers
Rossi G, Mangiagalli G, Paracchini G, Paltrinieri S

Effects of racing on reticulocyte concentrations in Greyhounds
Horvath SJ, Couto CG, Yant K, Kontur K, Bohenko L, Iazbik MC, Marín LM, Hudson D, Chase J, Frye M, DeNicola DB

The clinical utility of two human portable blood glucose meters in canine and feline practice
Domori A, Sunahara A, Tateno M, Miyama TS, Setoguchi A, Endo Y