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Virtual Issue

Quality assurance and control, the role of the clinical pathologist, and method and instrument validation

Virtual free issue on quality assurance and control, the role of the clinical pathologist, and method and instrument validation

Numbers generated in laboratories all over the world may not always be as straight forward and reliable as they appear. Therefore, issues of quality assurance and control of laboratory methods and data interpretation, the definition of acceptable laboratory error, and the supervision by expert clinical pathologists have become some of the themes of the last decade. As a result a series of recommendations and guidelines on these topics have been published in this journal, in addition to a considerable number of basic research articles.

The research articles include instrument and method validations. New methods and instruments need to be tested not just in analytic terms, but also with regard to clinical diagnostic relevance. Finally, the availability of new instruments with species-specific software applications, particularly in hematology, opens up opportunities for the testing of new variables for clinical assessment, and the validation of new applications (eg automated bone marrow analysis).

Please find below a compilation of Special Reports from the ASVCP, an Invited Review, and instrument and method validation articles that were published by the veterinary clinical pathology community in Veterinary Clinical Pathology issues in 2013 and 2014.

Barbara von Beust, Editor-in-Chief, August 2014


“In theory there is no difference between theory and practice - in practice there is” (Yogi Berra)
Schwendenwein I

ASVCP Special Reports

Best Practices for Veterinary Toxicologic Clinical Pathology, with Emphasis on the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries
Tomlinson L, Boone LI,Ramaiah L, Penraat KA, von Beust BR, Ameri M, Poitout-Belissent FM, Weingand K, Workman HC, Aulbach AD, Meyer DJ, Brown DE, MacNeill AL, Provencher Bolliger A, Bounous DI

ASVCP Guidelines: Quality Assurance for Point-of-Care Testing in Veterinary Medicine
Flatland B, Freeman KP, Vap LM, Harr KE

ASVCP Guidelines: Allowable Total Error Guidelines for Biochemistry
Harr KE, Flatland B, Nabity M, Freeman KP

ASVCP quality assurance guidelines: control of preanalytical, analytical, and postanalytical factors for urinalysis, cytology, and clinical chemistry in veterinary laboratories
Gunn-Christie RG, Flatland B, Friedrichs KR, Szladovits B, Harr KE, Ruotsalo K, Knoll JS, Wamsley HL, Freeman DP

ASVCP quality assurance guidelines: control of preanalytical and analytical factors for hematology for mammalian and nonmammalian species, hemostasis, and crossmatching in veterinary laboratories
Vap LM, Harr KE, Arnold JE, Freeman KP, Getzy K, Lester S, Friedrichs KR

ASVCP reference interval guidelines: determination of de novo reference intervals in veterinary species and other related topics
Friedrichs KR, Harr KE, Freeman KP, Szladovits B, Walton RM, Barnhart KF, Blanco-Chavez J

Invited Review

Differentiating between Analytical and Diagnostic Performance Evaluation with a Focus on the Method Comparison Study and Identification of Bias
Flatland B, Friedrichs KR, Klenner S

Hematology Including Bone Marrow

Use of Six Sigma Worksheets for assessment of internal and external failure costs associated with candidate quality control rules for an Advia 120 hematology analyzer
Cian F, Villiers E, Archer J, Pitorri F, Freeman K

Platelet count and PCT in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Greyhounds using the Advia 120 and 2120
Kelley J, Sharkey LC, Christopherson PW, Rendahl A

Changes in hematology measurements in healthy and diseased dog blood stored at room temperature for 24 and 48 hours using the XT-2000iV analyzer.
Bourgès-Abella NH, Geffré A, Deshuillers PL, Braun JPD, Trumel C

Validation of the Celltac alpha automated hematology analyzer for canine and feline blood samples
McDaniel BJ, Hirschberger J, Weber K

Validation of Sysmex XT-2000iV generated quantitative bone marrow differential counts in untreated Wistar rats
Criswell KA, Bock JH, Wildeboer SE, Johnson K, Giovanelli RP

Automated hematological analysis of bone marrow aspirate samples from healthy beagle dogs
Tan E, Abrams-Ogg ACG, Defarges A, Bienzle D

Point of Care Instruments

The quality of veterinary in-clinic and reference laboratory biochemical testing
Rishniw M, Pion PD, Maher T

Survey of point-of-care instrumentation, analysis, and quality assurance in veterinary practice
Bell R, Harr K, Rishniw M, Pion P

Analytical performance of a dry chemistry analyzer designed for in-clinic use
Flatland B, Breickner LC, Fry MM

Assay Development and Method Validation

Development and analytical validation of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the measurement of feline tumor necrosis factor a in serum
Steiner JM, Xenoulis PG, Schwierk VM, Suchodolski JS

Validation of commercially available automated canine-specific immunoturbidimetric method for measuring canine C-reactive protein
Hillstrom A, Hagman R, Tvedten H, Kjelgaard-Hansen M

Serum amyloid A and haptoglobin concentrations in serum and peritoneal fluid of healthy horses and horses with acute abdominal pain
Holberg Pihl T, Haubro Andersen P, Kjelgaard-Hansen M, Brinch Mørck N, Jacobsen S

Validation of the IDS Octeia ELISA for the determination of Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 in equine serum and tendon tissue extracts
Lygren T, Schjerling P, Jacobsen S, Berg LC, Nielsen MO, Langberg H, Thomsen PD

Evaluation of automated assays for immunoglobulin G, M, and A measurements in dog and cat serum
Tvarijonaviciute A, Martínez-Subiela S, Caldin M, Tecles F, Ceron JJ


Comparison of white and red blood cell estimates in urine sediment with hemocytometer and automated counts in dogs and cats
Elizabeth O'Neil, Shelley Burton, Barbara Horney, Allan MacKenzie.

Comparison of a Schmidt and Haensch refractometer and an Atago PAL-USG Cat refractometer for determination of urine specific gravity in dogs and cats
Tvedten HW, Noren A