Asian Politics & Policy

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Edited By: Aileen S.P. Baviera, University of the Philippines, Philippines

Online ISSN: 1943-0787

Call for Book Reviews

Call for Book Reviews

We are inviting you to write a book review for Asian Politics & Policy (APP), an online academic journal. APP has an international board of editors and advisers composed of known scholars from prestigious universities and research institutions across Asia and the world. It is published by Wiley Blackwell for the Washington, DC-based Policy Studies Organization. More information on the journal is available at

Should you decide to proceed with authoring a book review, please contact us to discuss the book you propose to review.

Please note that we accept reviews of books published during the current or previous year and which have never been reviewed in APP. Also, please attach a CV (resume) to the email that outlines your academic qualifications and any scholarly articles that you have published. Should you receive approval, please refer to the following guidelines when writing the review:

  • If you do not have a copy of the book, APP will arrange for a complimentary review copy to be mailed by the publisher directly to you.
  • Reviews must begin with the following information: author, title, publication year, publication city, publishers (language if other than English), ISBN number(s), and price (format).
  • Word length: 800-1,200 words per book. More in-depth or multiple-title review essays, on the other hand, may run up to 2,000 words.
  • The purpose of the APP book reviews is to advise its readers of new research developments in politics and policy in Asia.
  • The first part of the review should summarize the argument, evidence, and methods of the book. The second part should assess the degree to which the arguments persuades, contributes to the understanding of politics and/or policy in Asia, and is grounded in professional conventions for style, method, accuracy, and logic. Reviewers should be fair, praise what is praiseworthy, but also discuss honestly the theoretical, methodological, or empirical limitations and/or shortcomings of the book.
  • Reviews should be submitted by the agreed deadline. For those who requested a complimentary copy, reviews should be submitted at the latest 12 weeks upon receipt of title. They must be formatted in a 12-point font, double spaced with 1" margins, and page numbers.
  • The senior editor in charge will evaluate the review on the criteria listed above, and suggest changes as necessary. The edited review will then be submitted to the editorial board for final approval. After approval, the publisher (Wiley-Blackwell) will be in charge of the proofreading process.
  • Please note that authors should submit book reviews under the category type “Invited Reviews” when prompted.

APP receives book reviews through online submission all year round. However, the deadlines for the submission of book reviews for each quarterly issue are:

  • Issue 1 (released in January): 25 August
  • Issue 2 (released in April): 25 November
  • Issue 3 (released in July): 25 February
  • Issue 4 (released in October): 25 May

When the review is published, you will be sent a complimentary online copy of the journal issue in which your review appears. Please keep us advised of any changes in your contact information at any point during or after the editorial process. Should you decide to contribute a book review to APP then your timely completion of the review will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for considering the journal of Asian Politics and Policy.


Maria Ortuoste, PhD Senior Editor (Book Reviews), APP