Economic Geography

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Edited By: James T. Murphy, Clark University (Editor-in-Chief); David Rigby, University of California, Los Angeles; Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, London School of Economics; Henry Wai-chung Yeung, National University of Singapore; Yuko Aoyama, Clark University (Executive Editor)

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Author Guidelines

Manuscript Submission

New manuscripts should be submitted online at Full instructions and support are available on the site and a user ID and password can be obtained on the first visit. Support can be contacted by phone (434 817 2040), or via the red 'Get Help Now' link in the upper right-hand corner of the login screen. If you cannot submit online or you are submitting a revised manuscript, please contact Hilary Laraba, Managing Editor, in the Editorial Office:

Manuscripts should be in English (American spelling) and typed double spaced in 12-point Times Roman, with wide margins and page numbers; do not justify the right margin. The manuscript should contain a title page, an abstract with key words, the body of the text, the list of references cited, tables, a list of figure captions, and figures. For the initial submission, figures may be included as Word or Adobe Acrobat files. Once a manuscript has been accepted for publication, the author must provide each figure as a separate file (IBM compatible) in either Illustrator .ai (preferred choice, with type fonts converted to paths/outlines), Excel .xls, generic .eps, or .tiff format. We encourage authors to submit papers of no more than 9,000 words, plus tables, charts, and figures (approximately 40 pages total).

For more detailed guidelines, visit:

The letter of transmittal accompanying a manuscript should contain a statement affirming that neither the whole article nor substantial portions of it (including tables and figures) have been submitted or published elsewhere. If you have submitted portions of the article elsewhere, please send a copy of this submission.


If your paper is accepted, the author identified as the formal corresponding author for the paper will receive an email prompting them to log into Author Services. They will be able to complete the license agreement on behalf of all authors on the paper via the Wiley Author Licensing Service (WALS).

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If the OnlineOpen option is not selected the corresponding author will be presented with the copyright transfer agreement (CTA) to sign. The terms and conditions of the CTA can be previewed in the samples associated with the Copyright FAQs at

For authors choosing OnlineOpen

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To preview the terms and conditions of these open access agreements please visit the Copyright FAQs at or visit If you select the OnlineOpen option and your research is funded by The Wellcome Trust and members of the Research Councils UK (RCUK) you will be given the opportunity to publish your article under a CC-BY license supporting you in complying with Wellcome Trust and Research Councils UK requirements. For more information on this policy and the Journal’s compliant self-archiving policy please visit:

Theme Issues

Organizers or authors who are interested in proposing a theme issue for Economic Geography should refer to the guidelines for complete information.