Journal for Healthcare Quality

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Edited By: Maulik Joshi, Dr. P.H.

Online ISSN: 1945-1474

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Leading Articles from Leading Authors

The following JHQ articles are authored by leading-edge authors and experts in the healthcare quality field. They have been selected by the JHQ Editor in Chief and serve as prime examples of the important work and research being conducted by the field’s top scholars.

Decreasing Central-Line–Associated Bloodstream Infections in Connecticut Intensive Care Units
Alison L. Hong, Melinda D. Sawyer, Andrew Shore, Bradford D. Winters, Marie Masuga, HeeWon Lee, Simon C. Mathews, Kristina Weeks, Christine A. Goeschel, Sean M. Berenholtz, Peter J. Pronovost, Lisa H. Lubomski

Variation in Surgical Site Infection Monitoring and Reporting by State
Martin A. Makary, Monica S. Aswani, Andrew M. Ibrahim, Julie Reagan, Elizabeth C. Wick, Peter J. Pronovost

Robotic surgery claims on hospital websites
Linda X. Jin, Andrew M. Ibrahim, Naeem A. Newman, Danil V. Makarov, Peter J. Pronovost, Martin A. Makary

Are Temporary Staff Associated with More Severe Emergency Department Medication Errors?
Julius Cuong Pham, Mary Andrawis, Andrew D. Shore, Maureen Fahey, Laura Morlock, Peter J. Pronovost

The Concentration of Hospital Care for Black Veterans in Veterans Affairs Hospitals: Implications for Clinical Outcomes
Ashish K. Jha, Roslyn Stone, Judith Lave, Huanyu Chen, Heather Klusaritz, Kevin Volpp

Root Cause Analyses Performed in a Children's Hospital: Events, Action Plan Strength, and Implementation Rates
Rustin B. Morse, Murray M. Pollack

Nurse Reports on Resource Adequacy in Hospitals that Care for Acutely Ill Children
Jeannie P. Cimiotti, Sharon J. Barton, Kathleen E. Chavanu Gorman, Douglas M. Sloane, Linda H. Aiken

A Quality Improvement Framework for Equity in Cardiovascular Care: Results of a National Collaborative
Bruce Siegel, Vickie Sears, Jennifer K. Bretsch, Marcia Wilson, Karen C. Jones, Holly Mead, Romana Hasnain-Wynia, Rochelle Knowles Ayala, Rohit Bhalla, Christopher M. Cornue, Christina Marie Emrich, Paru Patel, Jean R. Setzer, Jennifer Suitonu, Eric J. Velazquez, Kim Allan Eagle, Michael D. Winniford

Developing a Program to Increase Seasonal Influenza Vaccination of Healthcare Workers: Lessons from a System of Community Hospitals
Jonathan B. Perlin, Edward J. Septimus, Scott B. Cormier, Julia A. Moody, Jason D. Hickok, Richard M. Bracken

A Bundled Approach to Reduce Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Infections in a System of Community Hospitals
Jonathan B. Perlin, Jason D. Hickok, Edward J. Septimus, Julia A. Moody, Jane D. Englebright, Richard M. Bracken