Focus on Geography

Cover image for Vol. 58 Issue 4

Edited By: Dr. Tom Bell and Dr. Peggy Gripshover

Online ISSN: 1949-8535

Associated Title(s): Geographical Review


Aims and Scope

FOCUS on Geography is a peer-reviewed, forty-page, lavishly illustrated, full-color quarterly journal with numerous articles written by well-known academic and professional geographers; in-depth theme sections; maps and photos; and special thematic issues. Written and edited by geographers, FOCUS has for decades provided geographical information and perspectives in language that communicates to a diverse readership.

Instructors at all levels use FOCUS articles for lesson plans, lecture content, and for reading assignments on timely and timeless topics.

FOCUS offers occasional issues devoted to one country and special "in-depth" sections devoted to one topic.

For all readers FOCUS articles provide more than fifty years of perspectives and data from prominent geographers on issues and places that shape our Earth


FOCUS on Geography, Geography Focus, journal, AGS journal

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