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Edited By: John Tienson and Somogy Varga, Co-Editors

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2013 Spindel Conference

The Lives of Human Animals

The 32nd Annual Spindel Conference takes place September 26-28, 2013 in Memphis, Tennessee.

The overarching aim of this year's conference is to provide a forum in which metaphysicians and philosophers of mind working on animalism are brought together with those who are presently engaged in pertinent debates in other areas of philosophy- including philosophy of biology, metaphysics, ethics, philosophical psychology, and philosophy of religion.

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Also, be sure to read last year's Spindel Supplement: Derrida and the Theologico-Political: From Sovereignty to the Death Penalty32nd Annual Spindel Conference

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The SJP is one of only a few journals that regularly publishes original scholarship in both analytic and continental philosophy, as well as the history of philosophy. The list of notable figures whose work has appeared in these pages, from Hubert Dreyfus and Hans-Georg Gadamer to George Santayana and Wilfrid Sellars, reflects our commitment to philosophical pluralism and to publishing the best in scholarship from a wide variety of perspectives. See submission guidelines for complete details.

SJP Celebrates 50 Years!


The Southern Journal of Philosophy is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2012! To commemorate this milestone and to honor all of those who have sustained this distinctive forum for the past half-century, each of the issues in this year's volume has been specially commissioned, guest-edited, and dedicated to a timely topic from one of the areas in which the SJP regularly publishes:

50.1: Epistemic Coherentism, ed. Ted Poston
50.2: Continental Philosophy: What and Where Will It Be? ed. Ted Toadvine
50.3: Newton and Newtonianism, ed. Mary Domski
50.4: Relativism about Value, eds. Max Kölbel and Dan Zeman

Together, these issues will offer a “state of the discipline” look at key debates in contemporary philosophy.