Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology

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Edited By: D Jones, Queen's University of Belfast, UK

Impact Factor: 2.264

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2014: 133/255 (Pharmacology & Pharmacy)

Online ISSN: 2042-7158

Special Issues

Selection of Solid-State Forms for New Chemical Entities (June 2015)
This special issue provides an overview on solid-state selection for new chemical entities with a focus on pharmaceutical research and development. This is provided by actual case studies as well as by reviews of major developments from recent years.

Enhancing Vaccine Design Strategies (March 2015)
This issue explores how we can exploit the latest tools in protein science, proteomics and adjuvants to develop new vaccines for old and new diseases.

Advances in ocular drug delivery (April 2014)
This issue highlights recent advances in ophthalmic drug delivery. Ophthalmic delivery of drug molecules has been a major challenge to both pharmacologists and drug delivery scientists and this issue offers a group of pertinent reviews and research papers submitted by the scientific experts in the field to consider some of the aspects of the topic.

Engineering and solid state drugs (February 2014)
In this special issue, we review HME technology and explore the many uses it has found in the pharmaceutical arena. We emphasise the advantages and applications of HME technology and optimization of the technology to ensure product quality and performance.

Advance on natural products for Alzheimer’s disease therapy: basic and application (December 2013)
This issue, which includes both original research and review papers, focuses on the basic application of natural products for managing AD.

Inhalation Pharmaceutics (September 2012)
JPP has published a special issue entitled Inhalation Pharmaceutics which describes the pharmaceutical advances in respiratory drug delivery with a particular focus on the formulation, particle engineering and characterisation of respiratory dosage forms.

Recent Innovations in Dissolution Testing (July 2012)
JPP has also recently published a special issue entitled Recent Innovations in Dissolution Testing which covers not only the latest dissolution methods for parenterals, orodispersive products and medicated stents, but also introduces the application of biorelevant dissolution test results to physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling with a view to predicting plasma profiles after p.o. drug administration. The prediction of drug absorption is especially important to formulation development, de-risking bioequivalence studies and to implementation of the Quality by Design paradigm.