Focus on Alternative and Complementary Therapies

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Edited By: Edzard Ernst, Peninsula Medical School, UK

Online ISSN: 2042-7166

Virtual Issue: Homeopathy

Edzard Ernst
We present here a “Virtual Issue”, the first of its kind for FACT, to highlight previously published papers in the Journal that have focused on homeopathy, possibly the most controversial of all CAMs and therefore a subject that has regularly filled the pages of FACT.

In this issue Chanda and Furman provide an up-to-date basis for any discussion by asking ‘Does homeopathy work?’ Their two part review is an attempt to objectively evaluate the evidence. Sehon and Stanley expand this theme by elaborating on the implausibility of homeopathy. Shaw takes this subject one step further by evaluating homeopathy from the point of view of a medical ethicist. What follows are two debates conducted by well-informed proponents and opponents of homeopathy. Pray then looks at homeopathy from the perspective of a critical pharmacist. The series of articles concludes with Jonas’ book review of the history of homeopathy.

What emerges from all this is, we hope, a rounded picture painted by some of the leading thinkers in the field. We are confident that this virtual theme issue is a useful addition to the literature which will stimulate the debate about the value (or otherwise) of homeopathy. will stimulate the debate about the value (or otherwise) of homeopathy.

Edzard Ernst, MD, PhD, FMedSci, FSB, FRCP, FRCPEd,
Editor-in-Chief of FACT, Laing Chair in Complementary Medicine,
Complementary Medicine, Peninsula Medical School, Veysey Building, Salmon Pool Lane, Exeter, EX2 4SG, UK.

Does homoeopathy work? Part I: A review of studies on patient and practitioner reports
Priya Chanda BSc Hons, Adrian Furnham DPhil DSc DLitt

Does homoeopathy work? Part II: A review of recent scientific papers
Adrian Furnham DPhil DSc DLitt, Priya Chanda BSc Hons

Applying the simplicity principle to homeopathy: what remains?
Scott Sehon PhD, Donald Stanley MD

Homeopathy and medical ethics
David Shaw

Homoeopathy: relic of the past or medicine of the future? (Marking Samuel Hahnemann's 250th anniversary)
David Colquhoun FRS, Martien Brands MD, PhD

Systematic reviews of RCTs in homeopathy A focused appraisal
Robert T Mathie PhD

Why pharmacists should not sell homeopathic products
W Steven Pray

The History of American Homeopathy, the Academic Years, 1820-1935
W Jonas