International Journal of Pharmacy Practice

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Edited By: Christine Bond, University of Aberdeen, UK

Online ISSN: 2042-7174

Public Health

The importance of public health to pharmacy practice and vice versa is clearly in focus for pharmacists globally. The challenges facing the patients we serve entail so many issues that have areas of emphasis within the sphere of public health. Preventive health activities conducted by pharmacists are increasingly necessary as have been never before. The issues of alcohol abuse, tobacco use cessation, provision of needle exchange programs, use of health information technology (HIT) to facilitate public health outreach and service provision, and treatment of drug addictions are but a few of the impacts pharmacists are making to serve public health needs in rural and urban settings around the globe.

This “Virtual Issue” of the International Journal of Pharmacy Practice is presented to highlight previously published papers from 2008 and 2009 in the Journal that have focused on crucial public health tenets from international and eclectic cadre of pharmacy practice colleagues. Included in this “Virtual Issue” are:

  • a paper from Australia detailing rural pharmacists’ provision of injecting equipment and/or opioid substitution treatment and the impacts of such on pharmacies in South Australia
  • a manuscript from Canada describing a systematic documentary analysis of how the pharmacist’s role with respect to natural health products and dietary supplements is portrayed in the literature, and examining the ethics of pharmacists providing counseling on products for which pharmacists may have little knowledge
  • a paper describing a qualitative study from the US identifying barriers to pharmacist adoption of a tobacco cessation protocol (Ask-Advise-Refer)
  • a second US based paper detailing a study examining the impact of 3 characteristics of in-house immunization services on community pharmacies’ adoption decisions
  • a literature review from the UK describing the feasibility of providing pharmacy-based services for alcohol misuse
  • a qualitative study from the UK examining the barriers of providing needle-exchange services within community pharmacies
  • a UK paper detailing community pharmacists’ contributions to the public health issue of weight management
  • a study from the UK examining the involvement of pharmacy support staff in delivering services to drug misusers
  • a study from the UK examining the awareness and impact of knowledge of association of smoking and occurrence of eye disease upon pharmacist smoking cessation guidance activities
  • a paper from the UK describing computer-tailored smoking cessation counseling provided from a community pharmacy, and
  • a paper detailing a pilot project to provide interventions impacting alcohol issues in community pharmacies.  

There will be a special, forthcoming issue of the International Journal of Pharmacy Practice devoted solely to public health pharmacy related concepts within papers recently submitted and accepted for publication in the Journal.

Jack E. Fincham, Ph.D., R.Ph. Professor University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Pharmacy Division of Pharmacy Practice and Administration 2464 Charlotte Street Room 4246 Health Sciences Building Kansas City, Missouri 64108 USA 816-235-5909 Phone 816-235-6008 Fax Professor of Health Policy and Management The University of Georgia College of Public Health Athens, Georgia 30602 USA

South Australian rural community pharmacists and the provision of methadone, buprenorphine and injecting equipment
Phuong-Phi Le coordinator, community pharmacy program, Elizabeth D. Hotham program director

The ethics of dietary supplements and natural health products in pharmacy practice: A systematic documentary analysis
Heather Boon, Kristine Hirschkorn, Glenn Griener, Michelle Cali

The feasibility of providing community pharmacy-based services for alcohol misuse: A literature review
Dr Margaret C. Watson, Alison Blenkinsopp

Barriers to the provision of needle-exchange services: a qualitative study in community pharmacies
Susan Hall research assistant, Catriona Matheson senior research fellow

Community pharmacy's contribution to improving the public's health: the case of weight management
Alison Blenkinsopp professor of the practice of pharmacy, Claire Anderson professor of social pharmacy, Miriam Armstrong chief executive

Pharmacy support staff involvement in, and attitudes towards, pharmacy-based services for drug misusers
Jenny Scott, Adam J. Mackridge

Impact of perceived innovation characteristics on adoption of pharmacy-based in-house immunization services
Salisa C. Westrick PhD, Jeanine K. Mount

Ask, advise and refer: Hypothesis generation to promote a brief tobacco-cessation intervention in community pharmacies
Pallavi D. Patwardhan, Betty A. Chewning

Smoking cessation support in community pharmacies: is the association of smoking and eye disease an additional tool to increase uptake?
Judith Thornton honorary research fellow, Perihan Torun research associate, Richard Edwards senior lecturer in epidemiology, Annie Harrison trials assistant, Simon P. Kelly consultant ophthalmologist, Roger A. Harrison course unit leader, Arpana Verma clinical lecturer in public health

Using computer-tailored smoking-cessation advice in community pharmacy: A feasibility study
Lisa Hodges, Dr Hazel Gilbert, Stephen Sutton

Development, implementation and evaluation of a pilot project to deliver interventions on alcohol issues in community pharmacies
Niamh Fitzgerald senior research fellow, director, Dorothy J McCaig senior lecturer, Hazel Watson professor of nursing, David Thomson joint lead, Dr Derek C Stewart senior lecturer